Haddie- 11 months

Our Haddie girl is 11 months old! She is a sweetie! She hasn't had too many traditional firsts this month. She has started pulling up some and continues to work on her crawling technique. She's been sick for what seems like quite a bit in this last month and even had a "shuttering" episode that she has mostly gotten over. She seems to be working on her top teeth, but nothing to show for it yet. She still isn't eating food. When I looked at the boys 11 month post, I noticed they were starting to be weaned or were completely weaned. Ugh, she's not even close. But that's okay. I guess she goes by her own timeline. :) 

 Eli and Micah at 11 months. 

Haddie went to her first state football game (Buhler Crusaders) and had her first Thanksgiving in Sabetha. She loves- baths, her lovie, mom, playing with her brothers, playing peek-a-boo, shaking her head "no", saying dada, sleeping, and sitting in her high chair.

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