E is for Eli the Elephant

I had to bribe him with Thomas the Train to get him to even put the thing on, but man is he cute! Thanks to the Lynch family for loaning us this cute costume! Currently, an elephant is Eli's favorite animal. Whenever he sees one in a book, he puts his arm out and makes his elephant noise. Happy Halloween! 

Done with this hat thing.


Husband-Wife Conversation (take 3)

Husband: makes painful moan sound from the kitchen area (not overly done just loud enough I could hear it in the living room)

Wife: "What happened?"

Husband: "I'm fine."

Wife: "That's not what I asked."

Husband: "Maybe I don't want to tell you that I hurt my neck finishing off the Cheetos, okay?" 

Wife: "Hahahaha, can I please have your permission to put this on the blog?" 

Husband: "Whatever."

I sure do love him! 


My Boys First D-1 Game

Last weekend, we went to the K-State Baylor game. It was Brent and Eli's first division one football game and I'd say it was an overall success. Eli did great. He got scared the first time everyone started yelling, but then he got the hang of things and even took a nap on me- which rarely happens anymore- so it was a treat for everyone. 

The EyeDoctors are on the scoreboard (this is who Brent works for and the reason we got to go to the game).

Me and my little boy! 

The boy loves his daddy!

A pretzel with nacho cheese makes EVERYTHING better!

Night night