Just Like Daddy

This Sunday, Eli wore his daddy's jeans to church. They were Brent's jeans when he was little (probably Uncle Eric's too). It's official, Wrangler jeans are cutest on little boys. When we were getting Eli dressed, I told Brent it was too bad we didn't have little cowboy boots for him to top off the look. It was then that Brent informed me that farmers wear tennis shoes (like to the fair and sometimes to work in) but ranchers probably don't. So, Eli's a farmer. And a cute one to boot. 

And now Eli's 17 months old. He has added several words to his vocabulary. And he seems to understand more and more everyday. 

Whenever Brent lays on the floor, Eli loves to climb all over him.

Thanks to Uncle Randy, Aunt Amy and family for my cool sprinkler pool you gave me for my birthday. As you can see, I LOVE it! 


Don't cry over spilled milk...

...but don't play in it either!!! 
Yesterday I was a few feet from Eli. His normal straw cup was in the dishwasher (and it can't be spilled). So he had a replacement and he quickly found out how to make a mess. He didn't get in trouble because we've never gone over this, but he won't be using this cup for awhile either! 


Boys Will Be Boys

Our little Eli loves playing outside. When we come in, he is filthy from head to toe with a combination of slobber, snot, dirt and sweat and he couldn't be happier. 

Dirty boy after playing outside!

On the move. Please excuse his shirt...it's a hand-me-down. He likes the Chiefs. 

Dusting his hands off.

Silly face.

Playing football.


Watching some Wipe Out with daddy after playing outside.