Haddie- 4 months

Haddie is a great baby and loves to give smiles to her family. She continues to sleep through the night and is a great eater. If it's up to her, she would be with mom all the time, but when she goes to nursery she very much prefers to be in a swing and smiling at the helpers instead of snuggling them. She loves her brothers and does not like to be left in her swing when they go to the play room. She still doesn't like tummy time, but we try to keep doing it. No signs of her rolling over any time soon. She will occasionally roll towards her side, but she has a ways to go before rolling over. She likes her paci, glow worm, and to be swaddled. We had her baby dedication this past weekend and much of her family was there to support us. She is wearing (and filling out) size 3-6m and 6m clothes and size 2 diapers. She continues to have a blow-out nearly every day. She's starting to laugh a little bit and it is the cutest thing. She moves her tongue a lot and as of yesterday has started to pull her bows off her head to chew on them. True to her middle name, she is such a Joy to have a part of our family. 

Stats: Height- 23 3/4" (25th percentile) Weight- 12.9# (30th percentile)

Eli and Micah at 4 months. 

This was the picture that was on the screen for the dedication.

The baby dedication- the boys ran up to us half-way through...little stinkers.