What we've been up to lately.

Micah had his first "real" food yesterday (oatmeal) and he kinda liked it. Not much of it got in his tummy and he made a face like he didn't like it, but tonight he ate it so I think he approves.

Eli has been taking breathing treatments 4 times a day. His breathing was getting pretty bad on Saturday and he developed a cough. The doctor thinks he could possibly have some asthma that was brought on by allergies so we're doing the "dinosaur" for a good part of our day. Eli doesn't mind because he gets to watch videos on youtube of trains driving or road scrapers removing snow from roads or other related vehicle videos. :)


Micah- 5 months

What a sweet boy we have! Micah is 5 months old and is so loved by his parents and brother. Eli loves to give him hugs every day and always says that "he is so cute". 

This last month...

-Micah has started rolling over. He goes both ways and now likes to sleep on his tummy.

-He still likes to suck on his fingers or thumb if he happens to get them in his mouth, but doesn't seem to be too attached to either his fingers or his paci at this point.

-Witnessed his first corn harvest at our friend Lauren's great-aunt and uncles house. Eli was just amazed by everything and Micah seemed to like it too.

-Made a trip to Sabetha and a few to Buhler. Also, we got to witness his cousin's (Rhett) baptism last Sunday which was so special. 

-Had visits from a couple of mommy's uncles and aunts on their way to the state fair. 

-A few days ago we dropped his evening nap. He fought bed time for a few hours every night and for some reason it took us a long time to consider that maybe we should just drop it. It has made such a dramatic difference. In fact, Eli and Micah went to bed at the same time last night (in their room) and it went really well. 

-Still nursing exclusively. We'll probably start cereal within the next month.

-He is such a smiley baby, but for some reason whenever I go to take his monthly update pictures, he turns very somber. Just trust me when I say he is so happy almost all of the time. He has a half smile that he likes to flash about and it is just so sweet! 

-Also, I've never mentioned on here about his toes and I just don't want to forget. His second to last toe is the longest of all of his four little toes. I'll try to get a picture soon, but I think it's just so funny. 

Sitting up like a big boy! (I'm sure this didn't last long.)

Please excuse the slicked-back hair and make-up-less momma- I just needed a picture with my baby. 

I just can't get enough of these cute overalls! 

Just in case you hadn't seen this sweet picture of the 2 boys, here it is! 


What Eli's Been Up To...

I haven't been very good about updating the blog lately. Micah is getting his monthly updates (so you'll get one of those next week) but Eli has been a little neglected (only on the blog not in real life haha). 
Eli and his cousin, Trey. (August)

He calls a paper towel cardboard roll a "workshop". No idea. The other day I got some upholstery fabric on sale and they gave it to me on the roll. When he got up from his nap he was coming down the stairs and saw it and said "wow, that's a big workshop". 

He's been going potty on the potty for awhile now. Whenever he poops and we flush it he says "my poops go back home". He also says that he has "cute poops" sometimes. Where on earth? Oh, and when he goes potty he tells mommy to "scoot back" to give him privacy.

When he sees his brother for the first time in the morning (and sometimes randomly throughout the day) he smiles and says "Hi Micah, you're so cute!" and proceeds to give him a hug.

He talks non-sense and thinks it is so funny.

He has started praying and singing at bedtime.

He uses words like "favorite" and "love" in reference to different things.

He likes to go to "Hobly Hobly" and hide in the t-shirts.

His imagination has been really active. He likes to talk with his stuffed animals and he pretends to be different characters. Last night he work fleece footie pajamas that had bears on the feet. After daddy put them on him, he introduced his foot bears to his stuffed bear on his bed. 

Some common phrases- "No, yes we're not. I wake up. No mommy, you're not chug patrol. Hey guys! Everybody, you seen my trains anywhere? I love it. This my favorite." (When I remember the others, I'll have to update.) 

Labor Day hay rack ride in Sabetha.