36 weeks

I am 36 weeks along in this pregnancy. 3 weeks from today we'll be going in to meet our little guy. We are so ready and excited. :) 

I had my appointment on Monday and I am already dilated to a 1! I never progressed at all with Eli, so I was happy to see we're on the road to having this baby. Hopefully that will mean the induction will go smoothly. 

The boys room. Obviously we won't be able to put baby brother in this room right away, but it's ready for when he is sleeping well. 


State Basketball and a Little Train Ride

State basketball is a holiday in the Wertenberger family. This year we stayed in Salina and watched 4a division 1. We were cheering for the El Dorado Wildcats as 3 of my siblings have taught/coached there in the past. Eli did really well. Friday night we were there until after 10 due to an overtime, so by Saturday afternoon he had enough and took a nap on daddy. It is so rare that he does that, so I think dad enjoyed it. He most enjoyed his time sitting with Josh and Mollie. He literally sat on one of their laps for a whole game. (He would never just sit like that for his mom or dad.) Then after church on Sunday, we went to the mall for lunch and a few errands. Eli saw the little train and was so excited. We thought maybe we'd get by with him just watching, but he was on to us. Pretty soon he was saying " ride, want to". So his softy parents gave in. He was kind of scared, but ended up liking it in the end.

So tired!


Sheep Shearin'

On Monday, the Wichert clan had a big job to do- it was time to give the sheep their haircuts. Since Monday is Brent's normal day off, it worked well to go for the day (hmmm, I wonder if they planned that). Brent's job was loader of the wool and so Eli and I went out with the last group of sheep and it was just the right amount of time. 

Pretty sure this was the consoling after a sheep jumped over Eli- no joke. 

Smashing the wool down.

I just love this one- it looks like they're really talking things over, while sitting on the wool.

Uncle Eric, Eli and Daddy going to see the newest baby lamb. The lamb was chasing Eli and so the rest of the day Eli would say "Lambs, eh chase you". 

Riding in the "tractor" with Grandpa.


Great Grandma's Birthday and the "Zoop"

Last Sunday, the Willems family got together to celebrate Grandma's birthday. A trip to the park happened in the afternoon. 

I'd say there's a resemblance here- Brent, Eli and Grandpa Wichert.

One of Eli's favorites "Shelphy" or Shelby as everyone else knows her. 

Getting ready to go down the slide.
Then the next day we went on our first zoo trip of the year. Eli calls it the "zoop" and he loved it. We have yearly passes to the zoo that is just outside of Salina. He talked about the monkey and the giraffes the most once we left. A chimpanzee came up to the window when Eli was watching and knocked on it. Eli was really scared, but that's all he talked about afterwards. 

"So tall"