11 months

My baby is 11 months old and is approaching 1 year a little quicker than I would like to admit. He is such a great boy. It is fun to see his little personality develop. 

Eli hasn't too many traditional "firsts" this month, but he is doing more and maturing everyday. 

In the last month Eli...

-had his first Halloween- he was a cute little lion.

-is weaned- mommy just decided it was time. He has taken to formula very well.

-started doing the "SO BIG" when asked "How big is Eli?" 

-crawls correctly all the time.

-learned how to climb stairs :S

-still hasn't shown much interest in walking. He cruises and will occasionally let go, but hits the floor pretty quickly after.

-still does his fake cough. We ask him "Does Eli have a big cough?" and he proceeds to cough.

-started roaring when we do it to him.

-eating more table food. 

Eli likes...baths, reading "I Love You Through and Through" among other books, listening to mommy sing, playing the piano, doing "so big", climbing stairs, "helping" mom unload the dishwasher, getting in the fridge every time it is opened, playing with doorstops- you know the ones that make noise, going on walks or just being outside, ripping/crinkling paper, cheerios, eating cheerios off the floor, getting into the trash can, cups, paci/bunny/taggie at bedtime, pushing all the dvds over and just being a little explorer. 

Love this boy!!!



Look at those baby blues.

Tasting some grass. 

Eli was really cooperative after his nap today and showed most of his tricks. He growls, does his tongue trick, does "so big" and shows his big coughs. Enjoy!

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