14 Months

Eli turned 14 months yesterday. He hasn't done a lot of new things in the last two months, but it seems that he is getting better at the things he has started. He is walking a lot more now-taking up to 15 steps- and he stands up in the middle of the floor. In the past he would just go over to the couch to stand up. He is communicating more and more each day. He still only says mama, dada, and milk (mee-mee), but he signs when he is all-done eating and when he wants more. This is really helpful! He loves to take blocks out of one container and into another, "dancing" to music, growling, laughing, closing his eyes (it's the cutest thing), bath time, oatmeal, mac-n-cheese, and green beans. 

We went to Colorado for a few days and had a great reunion with Tabor friends. The guys (and Jill) skied a few days and the ladies and kids stayed back in the condo. It was really a great time and we hope to do it again in a few years. 

Eli and I went and watched Uncle Josh's basketball team play a few weeks ago and we have all made it to several of Uncle Ben's basketball games. 

Now we are getting ready to move to Salina in just a few days. Hopefully the snow will be melted enough that it won't be too messy! 

My mom, me and Eli (3 generations)

Putting blocks in the back of his tractor before bedtime.

Eli and mommy have been going to work with daddy. Eli is learning early how to use equipment.

I'm ready to move! 

Tabor friends reunion

Layla, Grace and Eli (this was taken after Katy was gone wish we would have taken one with her too)

I went to get Eli from his nap and he had taken his pants off!

Playing with Grandpa Wichert

Since we're packing up, the china hutch is empty and the perfect size for Eli to hide in. 


Laundry Detergent

I know I know. There are TONS of pinterest recipes for homemade laundry soap out there. But recently one of my facebook friends asked about people's opinions on homemade laundry soap and I responded to her with a book of information. So I thought I would pass on my information to the rest of you that are thinking about making your own detergent. I have tried 3 different kids of homemade soaps so here is my report on them. (I feel like I'm in school again and I like it.) 

The first kind I tried was the powder version. I got this from my cousin, Heidi's blog. You use 1T with each load. I liked it fine and felt like it got our clothes clean. The only complaint was that it faded some of our dark clothes. It probably wouldn't have done this if I added it first to the water before adding clothes, but sometimes I just forget things...

So I decided to try the liquid version of this soap. This is when I discovered One Good Thing by Jillee on pinterest. She has ALL KINDS of homemade cleaning products. I have tried several and love them. They are so much cheaper without compromising the quality of the product. 
I liked this soap and it lasted a long time. You use about 1/2 a cup for each load. It worked fine, but when I ran out I decided to try out Jillee's easy laundry detergent. (Not that this one was that difficult to make, just a little time consuming.) 

The last detergent (and the one I am currently using) is a no-grate simple laundry detergent. 

This is my favorite of all of them. Easy. Quick. Simple. Works. I added a small handful of Downy Unstoppable (to each gallon) to make the soap smell fresh and clean. I like good smelling stuff. You use 1 c of solution for each load, so it doesn't last as long but it takes mere minutes to whip up another batch.