28 Weeks

As you may have noticed, I have been taking pregnancy pictures every 4 weeks. I can't believe a month has passed since my last picture! I had a doctor's appointment this week and I passed my glucose test! So I guess the occasional Mt. Dew has not caused me to have gestational diabetes- don't tell. From now until my last month, I will be going to the doctor every two weeks. Again, the time is flying.
28 weeks

On my last blog post I told that I was going to be trying my hand at sewing a few things for baby W. A few of you have inquired about this because I said if I didn't post anything, it was because it was disastrous. Well there still is that possibility, but I haven't started sewing yet. Brent and I have been pretty busy with the new office and so I haven't had much time to myself. The times that I have had have been spent on the couch being lazy. I know, I know but I figure I might as well while I still can. Right? Okay well I probably need to be a little more proactive. I promise to post something that I've attempted before my 32 week picture.

Also last weekend Brent and I had the privilege to act like parents to three kiddos. My brother's kids Rhett, Leah and Trey stayed with us while their parents went on a little trip. We had so much fun! I have added a couple pictures from our time. Trey is 6 months old and whenever I would feed him he would get the food everywhere! I learned the hard way and ended up feeding him in his diaper only. Rhett and Leah are 4 1/2 and 3 and were such great kids the whole time. They loved listening to the books on tape (thanks Grandma Sauce) and watching Looney Tunes. Not exactly the most beneficial/educational thing, but it worked. Aren't they so cute? I'm convinced that I am an aunt to the cutest groups of kids. Pictures of the other ones to come later. 
Prunes/oatmeal combination. 
Leah and Rhett reading a book together...with Burger King crowns on. 

Trey again. This kid has the BEST smile. I couldn't ever quite capture it on camera...but he captured me every time he smiled at me. 


Confusing Numbers

It's a natural questions when you see a lady that is obviously pregnant...How far along are you? Most people are referring to the "out of 9 months- how far along are you" question?

I always hesitate before answering but here lately I have just been saying I'm 6 months along. Well today I am officially 3 months from my due date (it's December 16th and also a Friday). So based on most people's timeline I'm 6 months along. But a human pregnancy is actually 40 weeks long. By a lot of people's judge of time that is 10 months. So even though I love numbers and was even a math teacher for 2 years of my existence, I don't really like answering the "how far along are you" question because frankly, the numbers just don't add up. So today, I am 6 months or 27 weeks. Take that for what it's worth.

Side note- hubby and I started work this week. He has started an optometry practice in southwest Wichita. It's been a lot of fun working together. The learning curve is steep, I'm afraid, but we're doing it together. I am his secretary and I even heard him refer to me as his "office manager". Sounded pretty fancy for what I do. In reality I think he just wanted whoever was talking to him on the phone to talk to me instead, but I'll take the title. In case you were wondering, I'm pretty sure the pay is the same regardless of my title. :) haha

Hope you all are enjoying the cooler weather. I know I am welcoming it with open arms...this year. 

Happy birthday today to my BFF :) Riley! 
Also, happy anniversary to my parents-in-law!