Christmas 2014

Wichert Christmas

 Our Christmas in Salina

All ready for Santa to come to Grandpa and Grandma Wicherts...
 Wertenberger Christmas

Andover cousins on Skype

Eli's BirthDAY and some Parties

Birthday breakfast and his "cash money" from Grandma & Grandpa Wichert

Swimming at the Y

And Micah too

Birthday cake for our 3 year old!

Leading up to his birthday, Eli said he wanted "a firetruck a birthday cake and I think that's all".

Train puzzle

Birthday at Grandma and Grandpa Wicherts- he was SO tired but excited.

Aunt Megan painted his present

Party at Grandma and Grandpa Wertenbergers

Sabetha Bluejays shirt from Coach Wertenberger- can't wait for him to wear it to a game.

Love his face on this one...

...and this one too.

Putting together his fort with "big Papa".


Eli is 3!

3 seems so old when I think about my firstborn. 3 years ago we were just starting our parenting journey with our sweet boy. He is now a active, sweet, sometimes naughty, smart, silly, stinky (he is a boy, right?), funny, entertaining, lovable little boy. We LOVE him and want him to slow down just a little bit. Here are some things that we just don't want to forget about our big boy.

38" (60th percentile)
32.4# (55th percentile)

-He says wonder instead of when. Example: Mom, remember wonder we were reading about George last night and he said "Surprise" to the man in the lellow hat? 

-When he says Rudolph he puts the emphasis on the second syllable. "Mommy, I want to watch rudOLPH."
-He says where instead of what. Example: Mom, where's that smell?! 

-Loves watching t.v. (Curious George, Thomas & Friends, Chuggington, Dinosaur Train)
This face...he makes it a lot. Especially when strangers want to smile at him or talk to him.

-Love to read. He has "The Big Truck Show" memorized and much of his Curious George books. 

-Likes to ask where Daddy is when he knows he's at work.

-Likes to play "hike hike" and "fight" with daddy. Really it's just an excuse to wrestle on the floor.

-Is good at puzzles.

-Has started to sing more...but not much for pitch yet. :)

-Loves his Life Group friends, Grace, and his cousins very much. 

-When he sees something tall he says, "Oh, that's tall just like my papa is tall."

-Loves his brother, but loved him a lot more when he couldn't get into his stuff. (We kinda saw this coming.)

He loves his Daddy!
-Likes to ask if mom and dad are poopy...he thinks it is SO funny.

-Is very ticklish.

-Says "that's not fair" but doesn't really know what it means. He generally uses it when he doesn't want to do something.

Our big boy
-He's full of excuses! I can't because...I'm too small...I'm too big...it's too hard 'a work...my belly hurts...

-Says "This is the best _______ I've never seen before."

-Is getting pretty good at stalling at bedtime...snack, milk, read, read Jesus, pray, sing, sing, sing...
This face...

-Has a CRAZY good memory. 

-When I say "I love you, Eli" he usually responds with "You do?"

-When Micah cries in the car Eli will say "It's okay baby, we're almost home. Someone will make you happy." 

 Thank you Lord, for entrusting this little life to us. May we always point him to his LORD and Maker and always remember that he is Yours. 

Micah- 8 months

It just about blows my mind that Micah is already 8 months old. He is still such a sweetheart and loves to melt his momma's heart with his smiles. 

In the last month...

-Micah has gone to his first high school basketball game. We went to the Salina Central game last Friday. He seemed to like it and the last 15 minutes he was sound asleep in my arms. 

-Probably the biggest change in the last month is his mobility. He is army crawling everywhere and loves to get into things and put them in his mouth. His favorite thing to try to chew is electric cords (don't worry we avoid this as much as possible). He can sit up from crawling. He's done a few "traditional" crawls but mostly just pulls himself around with his arms. Oh, and he can stand for quite some time just holding on to the couch. 

-Still isn't a good eater. He still nurses fine, but really refuses any baby food and the table food we've tried. He only has 2 bottom teeth, so maybe we'll just have to wait for some top ones and then he'll take off. Maybe...

-Usually takes 2 naps- the morning is about an hour long and afternoon about 2-3 hours. If the afternoon one is short, then he takes another short one. 

-Still loves his brother (but brother is totally annoyed with this new crawling thing). He laughs at his brother when he's in the car and when Eli drives his cars really fast. 

-Still a momma's boy. :)

-Likes: exersaucer (until he decides he wants to move), anything he can chew on (especially the little toy that vibrates when you chew on it), his silk blanket (for bed time), throwing his head back when he's in the high chair.

-Dislikes: being left alone, bedtime (sometimes), being told "no" when he's trying to chew on cords


Husband-Wife Conversation (take 5)

(All content posted under Husband-Wife Conversation is done so with the permission of those involved. All events happen exactly as they are depicted.)

Last night we were in bed (asleep) and I heard what I thought was one of the kids...

Cindy: Is that one of the kids?

Brent: I think it's my nose whistle.

Cindy: Gross! Take care of it!