Haddie is 1

Our sweet baby cakes, sugar pie, Haddie Joy is 1! I really can't believe it! In the last month she has started crawling and pulling-up and cruising the couch. She cut her top two teeth on Christmas day- no joke- she got her two front teeth for Christmas. :) Haddie also celebrated her first Christmas. She still isn't eating and in fact when she accidentally does eat, she ends up throwing up. We're going to a pediatric gi doctor soon as she also hasn't grown (in height a slightly in weight) since 9 months. 

Crusaders game!
We also took a family trip to KC mainly for Eli's birthday. We went to Legoland. It ended up being a very cold and snowy/icy but the crowds were much fewer than normal for the time of year, so that was nice. 
Crown Center


Just look at those baby legs!
Haddie continues to be a mama's girl, but has had some moments of sharing herself with others. :) She really is so much squish and love. I captured a pretty great picture of her rolls on her legs and bottom, but for her sake it will not be posted online. I assume she won't appreciate that in a few years. She is starting to get better at independent play. She got a few baby dolls and a tea set for her birthday that she is enjoying playing with them and is pretty possessive if brothers try to play too. 
Christmas cuteness!
She says dada and mama a lot and when she sees her baby dolls she says "da". She says "uh-oh", claps and waves hi and bye.

Aunt Estey Joy and Haddie Joy on Christmas Eve
Height- 26.5inches (0 percentile)
Weight- 17lb 10oz (20th percentile)

Wichert Cousins in Christmas jammies! Pete, Eli, Micah and Haddie.
Eli and Micah at 1 year.
Mommy and Haddie on Christmas morning before church.

Wertenberger cousins in cute girly jammies. Ellie, Megan, Leah, Haddie and Tynlee.

Birthday girl!

Haddie did not care for her cupcake. She touched the frosting and then threw up.