Micah is 2!

2nd Birthday breakfast donuts! 

Opening his very own superman/ batman cape to match his brothers. 
Height 34.5" 62nd percentile
Weight 27 pounds 37th percentile

Our little Buster is 2. I've been thinking about writing this blog post for a few days and it really is difficult to capture this little guy with words. He is such a goofball and loves to make his brother laugh. But when we are around other people he is pretty reserved and gives people the stink-eye. He has no fear and loves to climb things and walk down stairs without holding on to the railing. He gives Haddie more kisses and hugs in a day than anyone. He adores his brother and likes to copy everything he does. But then once things are going a little too smoothly, he usually tries to do things to make Eli crazy. He is the sweetest boy most of the time. When he's mad, you can just see that injustice he feels- like the world is against him. My sister-in-law Erin has said many times that Micah is a perfect middle child. He loves to play ball and likes to dance when he hears fun music. He isn't a great eater, but has a strong sweet tooth. He loves to play a game with mom when I'll ask him for a kiss or hug, he grins adorably and says "NO" and then I tickle him. He is extremely stubborn. When he talks about animals he refers to them by the sound they make instead of their name (which he can also say but chooses not to). He calls boots "boops", Haddie "baby", the color red is "Paw Patrol" (every time and he can not be convinced otherwise), ice cream is a "slurp" sound (no word), and his monkey that he sleeps with has a monkey-sound name (also not a word). He tells this same story that involves his Papa wearing a hat, riding a horse, and having a cow. None of these really fits with either of his papas. He can be an independent player at home, but if we go to church for something he doesn't want to be separated from his brother. He is mischievous and isn't as "naturally obedient" as Eli was at this age. If the line hasn't been drawn yet (in terms of boundaries or expectations) he will for sure test it out. He desperately wants to be heard and acknowledged all the time. Our prayer for this little guy is that he will grow to have a passion for his Lord and live his life radically for Him. We love you SO much, Micah! 
Micah's first day

1st birthday


Easter 2016

We spent Palm Sunday in Buhler with the Wicherts and Easter weekend in Sabetha with the Wertenbergers and Easter lunch at Uncle Gary & Aunt Connie's house. 

Easter egg hunt at Grandma & Grandpa Wicherts

Easter baskets from Mom & Dad

Micah, Trey, and Lane playing with a tired Uncle Josh

Haddie and her Easter basket

Family picture

2nd cousins eating at Uncle Gary & Aunt Connie's house- Eli, Charlee, Micah, and Lacy

Rhett, Kyson, Tynlee, Seth, and Trey

Kenzie, Kassie, Leah, Olivia, Allie

Micah and Charlee- so cute! 

The Easter egg hunters

Micah didn't want to cooperate for pictures


Grandpa and Grandma helping Micah and Eli


Haddie in her first Easter dress

Haddie- 3 months

What a month it has been for our Haddie Joy! She went to her first state basketball tournament and Uncle Josh's team ended up 3A runner-ups. She did great at the tournament. She is also sleeping through the night and eats every 3 hours during the day, except for a 4 hour stent in the afternoon. She blows out a diaper at least once a day. She's currently in size 1 diapers but we're moving to size 2 soon to hopefully avoid some of said blow-outs. :) Haddie wears size 3m clothes. She is such a good baby for mom, but occasionally gives Dad and the childcare ladies at church a hard time. She smiles a lot and is starting to "talk". So far, she really likes her paci. She still does NOT like baths or tummy time. She had her first Palm Sunday at Grandma and Grandpa Wichert's house and Easter at Grandma and Grandpa Wertenberger's house. We ALL love our sweet baby girl. 

Eli and Micah at 3 months.

This blanket was given to us by some dear friends, who also happen to be Aunt Erin's parents. It was lovingly made my Great Grandma Colene. It is such an honor to have such a sweet gift.