Micah- 11 months

What a busy month this boy and his family has had! Micah continues to be such a sweetheart. He loves his mommy and gives very sweet smiles to everyone. Can't believe we're a month away from our baby being 1! 

If you're into comparisons, here's Eli's 11 month post.

In the last month...

-Basketball, basketball and more basketball! I would guess he went to close to 15 games in one month. He is a trooper! (first sub-state and state tournaments) Grandma and Grandpa Wertenberger stayed at our house during state and both boys LOVED that! 

-Trip to Colorado with friends. I posted about this earlier, but he was a trooper for the trip and time there too. 

-Had RSV. He ran a fever for about a week and was pretty puny, but never really had too bad a cough or anything. 

-Is a big eater often out-eating his big brother at meal time. 

-Started drinking a little cows milk out of a sippy the night he turned 11 months. So far so good. 

-Had Sankie, Owen, and Jackson (and their parents) visit AND spend the night. So much fun! 

-Towards the end of the month, I started only nursing him first thing in the morning and last thing before bed. 

-Has started climbing stairs. He gets a very proud look on his face when he gets to step 3.

-He's done this for a few months, but will nod his head "yes" when he hears the word "yeah" and he thinks he's pretty funny.  

This is my ornery look. 
 Micah likes...Eli, Mommy, Daddy, food, drinking out of his sippy cup, snacking, being held, cruising around furniture, being sung to, laughing with his brother in the car, his Grandmas, Misty, observing, kisses (and will reciprocate with an open mouth). 
Milk...it does the body good. :)

Colorado Trip: Winter 2015

Our friend Jeff and his wife Sarah have a beautiful home outside of Evergreen, CO in the mountains. We had a mini Tabor college reunion. The boys went skiing and the girls hung out at the house and the kids played (without fighting most of the time). We went at the end of February, but I am just now getting this up. We had a lovely time and hope to do it again soon. 

Right when we got there, Eli & Grace made themselves at home by raiding Sarah's closet and putting on her clothes. Thankfully, she's a good sport. 

Brody, Grace, and Eli getting ready to go outside. 

John with Layla and Brody and Jeff.

Cody & Grace

The "big" kids: Grace, Eli, Brody, Layla
Brent, John, Cody

Cody, Brent, Jeff, John

Look at those mountains! 
While they ski, we craft...




Just outside of Jeff & Sarah's house

Daddy and Eli

Me and Micah


Layla, Grace, Eli

Grace & Eli

They threw a surprise birthday party for me, complete with ice cream cake. :)

Micah with Jeff & Sarah

The trip ended with Cody's car getting stuck. :)

...and a chocolate shake.


Basketball: It's What We Do and Part of Who We Are

In my family, basketball is a big deal. Growing up, we played it often. I have many memories of playing long after the sun had set. There was a lone bulb light behind the goal which made it particularly difficult to see, but perhaps made us better shooters. My siblings and I all played through high school and 4 of us in college. We all have similar shots taught to us by our dad. He certainly helped develop that love in all of us and mom encouraged it by telling us to go out and shoot (and even would get us out of drying dishes at times). I have been to more basketball games than most, but I still love it. Most of my birthdays were spend in our family suburban on the way to sub-state game. I would open my presents in the car and we would have a family birthday on a Sunday in March. We had cable growing up for the sole purpose of being able to watch games (not just basketball). It is a huge part of our lives and bonds us all. In the last 2 weeks, I have seen approximately a dozen games. It was a great year for the Wertenbergers. My brother Ben's team made it to state for the first time. AND the Sabetha boys and girls teams made it too (my brother Josh is an assistant coach for the boys team). Thankfully, they were all in the same class this year, so we got to go to just one location.
Leah and Micah at the Remington game.

Remington Girls- headed to state! 

Lane's first basketball game and it's a good one to call your first!
 Brent got me tickets to the OKC Thunder basketball game. He had our friends Sankie & Jamie meet us there. It was my first NBA game and we had a lot of fun! 

3A State- Hutchinson, KS

Coach Wertenberger

Ron Baker- didn't even zoom in. :)

Tynlee and Eli

Big Papa and Micah

Eli and Little Grandma

Sabetha Boys- 3rd place

Eli and Uncle Josh