28 weeks (baby 2)

Whew, these last few weeks I have felt more like I'm about 35 weeks along instead of 28. I think I'm carrying a lower than I did with Eli so therefor I look and feel bigger. We start going to the doctor every 2 weeks now, so we are entering the final stretch. I feel very ready and excited for him to arrive! 

Also, since I'm going to attempt a vbac, I will likely be induced before I'm 40 weeks along. This is because my doctor and anesthesiologist will have to be at the hospital the whole time I'm in labor. So this is kind of a drawback, but if I had another c-section that would likely be scheduled early too. I guess I don't have to worry about walking around 41 weeks pregnant. :) 

Our baby has a name. The family/close friends that had babies since the last time I posted have named their children and didn't "steal" our name. :) We'll still keep it a surprise just in case we change our minds.

Baby's profile.

I didn't even know they had a 3D sonogram at my office. What a pleasant surprise! Look at our little boy!!!

The month of January for Eli

I feel like Eli has grown up so much in the month of January, so I thought I should probably document some things he has been up to. 
Good day for trampoline jumping! 

-He has really developed a love of being read to. His favorite books are the Little Blue truck books.

-He's starting to say more words correctly...like his name! For the longest time he called himself Ahlee. Now if he starts to say it that way, he'll correct himself. Also, Grandma has been paka or pacorn for a long time. He now occasionally says grama. He still holds strong with saying Jayhawk as "shecok". That can be embarrassing in public sometimes. He can say papa, all his cousins names, and aunts and uncles names really well. 

-He's started really fighting the act of going "night night". He still goes to sleep pretty easily once he's in bed, but when we say it's time to go to bed, he turns into an ugly little monster. 

-He usually wakes up with some crazy bed head but hasn't ever gotten off his bed until we go get him (and it would be easy because it's just the mattress on the floor but don't tell him). 
This lasted all of 1 minute. Eli couldn't settle down to sleep when daddy was right there. 

-He's sleeping on his big bed really well. 

-He'll sit on the potty but really just likes to sit for one second and then "wipe". 

-He called me Cindy the other day. Sure caught me off guard.

-Does not like when I sing to him (except the song I sing to him before he goes to sleep).  :(

-We've started doing my cousin's preschool curriculum. If you need something to help you out, check it out http://www.abcjesuslovesme.com/

Helping mom get supper ready.
-Says "hold you?" "help you?" "carry you?" when he wants those things for himself. I love it! 

-When he talks on the phone with Brent he says "where are you?".

-Has some trouble with not pushing other kiddos. For a long time whenever he said his cousin Tynlee's name it was followed with "no push". "Tynlee, no push." He is doing better. 

-Those pesky 2 year molars are making their appearance. I know 1 is all the way in, but it's hard to tell on the rest.

-When he agrees with you he says, "yeah yeah, okay".

-We're working on "no thank you" instead of "NOOOOOOO".

A look at that bed head and some preschool coloring in the background. 


Husband-Wife Conversation (take 4)

(All content posted under Husband-Wife Conversation is done so with the permission of those involved. All events happen exactly as they are depicted.)

We were watching Duck Dynasty when Uncle Si mentioned Circuit City. The following conversation ensued...

Cindy: Is Circuit City even a store anymore?

Brent: They went bankrupt in 2008.


Cindy: You mean to tell me you can't remember to bring in the mail when I just asked you on the phone to bring it in, but you know when Circuit City went bankrupt? 

Brent: It might have been 2007. 


New Year, New Bed

In a few short months, Eli will be experiencing a lot of changes. New baby brother, sharing a room, sharing mom and dad, saying bye bye to diapers (I hope), etc. So we're getting an early start and trying to to do the newness in baby steps. Sunday marked the beginning of sleeping on a big boy bed. We bought a twin mattress that is just on the floor for now. The part we didn't count on was that Eli would get sick that same night (fever:102 and some molars coming in) but he never asked to be in his old bed, so we went with it. It was sleepless to say the least, but I don't think it was the beds fault. In a few weeks we're going to give potty training a good try. Mommy's a little sad to see her baby growing up, but it's sweet too. The growing up of children is the definition of bittersweet. 

Last night in crib

Tonight in his bed. I can't believe he's using his pillow here. He normally just hides under it or pushes it off the bed.


Christmas with the Wicherts

We opened presents with the Wicherts on Sunday morning before heading to Sabetha. Then we returned on Christmas day to continue the celebrating. :) 
8 inches of snow Saturday night into Sunday morning.

Aunt Estey with her new Christmas kitty.

Puzzles- Merry Christmas Eli! 
Grandpa and Eli watching Linus tell the Christmas story.

Aunt Estey


Aunt Megan and Uncle Eric

Playing/walking in the snow.

Watching "George" with Aunt Estey.

Christmas with the Wertenbergers

The Wertenbergers were plagued by the stomach flu this Christmas, so I took less than normal amounts of pictures. We somehow escaped the bug, but since someone was always down with it, it kind of put a damper on things. It was still great being together and we can hope that next year will be less eventful. 

On the road to Sabetha.

The celebrating started with a surprise party for my sister-in-law. She received her doctorate in Physical Therapy and we're so proud of her! 

Big boys and their remote control cars- Kyson, Rhett, Tyler, and Drew.

Megan and a new baby doll.

Leah, Megan and Eli. (Leah was the one not feeling well this morning).


Trey and his Big Farm tractor.
 Amy brought stuff for all the kids to make a gingerbread house. Eli and Tynlee mainly tried to eat the candy, but it was still cute! 





Leah, Rhett & Drew



Big kids sleep over: Drew, Kyson, Megan, Leah, Tyler & Rhett

Same kids from the other direction.

Who doesn't love chocolate donuts? 

Uncle Josh playing guitar for our enjoyment. I think the sweater is also for our enjoyment.

Christmas at Home

We had our own family Christmas on December 21st before we headed to the grandparents houses. We would have waited until after Christmas, but Brent and I are both pretty impatient about presents. It was fun to watch Eli open his presents this year. 

Daddy and Eli putting up the tree.

End result

Best picture of all of Christmas. He was into opening presents after his practice with his birthday presents.

Daddy with his Christmas present- notice Eli swimming in the wrapping paper.

Eli wearing momma's new mittens.

Family Photos December 2013

Some of the family photos that Amanda from A.D. Photography took for us this December. These are the ones that didn't make the Christmas card. :) 

These 2 are of Eli not cooperating with Mom and Dad. He loves to walk in between us and hold our hands. Not today...

Little stinker

Eli's 2 year pictures

Our friend, Amanda at A.D. Photography took Eli's 2 year pictures and our family pictures again this year. She does a great job and if you're in the Buhler area you should check her out! She met us in Lindsborg this year since we're in Salina and took the pictures at a really cute park there. 

Love the sequence of these 2 pictures.

Sometimes 2 year olds are just a little grouchy. :)

Bless my heart...