Micah- 10 months

This little guy is 10 months and I just about can't believe it! He is SUCH a sweet boy- and I'm not the only one that things so. :) It's a lot more difficult to get a descent picture of him. Here's Eli's 10 months pics if you're interested in comparing. 

In the last month, Micah...

-has started eating mostly table food and often out-eats his big brother. He doesn't care for baby food (he never really did) and has started turning his nose up to puffs. 

-is a good sleeper at night and generally takes 2 naps a day. 

-went to his first Tabor basketball game. He seemed to really like it.

-had his first Valentine's day with our friends Cody, Misty and Grace.

-has 2 baby cousins younger than him- Ellie and Lane! 

-had his baby dedication.

-is cruising the furniture more. He'll also push chairs around the dining room (while walking). 

-has all 4 of his top teeth! 

Likes: music (he always dances), clapping for music, climbing on dad, laughing with Eli, eating, screaming if the food ran out, being sung to, bath time, giving smiles and general sweetness. :)

And for your viewing pleasure...


Micah's Baby Dedication

This was the photo that was on the screen during the dedication. 
On Sunday we had Micah's baby dedication. Much of our families were there and it was such a sweet time. While at standing in front of our church body, I was just overwhelmed with how God has placed us in this church. This is a church that I came to kicking and screaming (because of its size) and a denomination that neither Brent and I were familiar with. As I looked around I saw many faces of people who love us and our boys and I was overwhelmed with the feeling that we are in the church God wants us to be. At the end of the dedication, Pastor Doug had the congregation sing Jesus Loves Me. I love this tradition and towards the end Micah started clapping (thankfully I held it together but I totally could have started crying). 

After the service, we ate at the church and then the big guys played basketball and the kiddos and non-participants watched. 


Tabor Game

We went to a home Tabor game a couple of weeks ago. We had so much fun much to our surprise, both of the boys fell asleep. 

Uncle Josh and Aunt Estey joined us at the game too. The boys liked seeing their aunt and uncle. 

And again, much to my surprise, Eli LOVED the Bluejay. He was almost beside himself when he saw it and wanted to go see it right away.