18 Months - Micah

This boy keeps us on our toes! He is our sweet Buster.

I can't believe Micah is a year and a half, but in some ways it feels like he's 3. He is a climber, and get-into-stuff-er, and an instigator. BUT he is also, the life of the party, a charmer, an entertainer, and a sweet sweet boy. At church he is the snuggler and he is almost always successful in finding a sweet lady (or girl) to hold him the entire time mama's gone. Micah loves to be around his brother and this morning, when Eli was still sleeping, Micah snuck upstairs to wake him up. It was hard to be mad at him when he really just missed his brother. And really, that's Micah in a nut shell. Most of the time when he's supposed to be in trouble, he somehow gets out of it, because I think if he could talk he would have a valid reason as to why he did what he did. 

Micah still doesn't have a lot of words, although can communicate very well. He says "ut oh", "night night", "all done", "mama", "dada", I think he tries to say "brother" but it comes out as "bo", "bye", " ball", "papa", " ty ty" (congratulations Tyler), "no", he nods yes when you ask him questions and uses his eyebrows too (it's just too cute), "uh-huh" (meaning no), and he woofs (for dogs) and moos (for cows and occasionally horses). :) 

We love this little boy SO much. He adds some spice to our lives and we are so grateful the Lord has entrusted him to us. 

With Daddy at Tabor on his 18 month birthday

Blurry brothers :)

Sitting on a booster seat! (too many close calls climbing in and out of his high chair when mom wasn't near)
Height: 32" (30th percentile)
Weight 23lb 2 oz (34th percentile)