20 Months

Eli is 20 months today and I just can't believe that in 4 short months, our baby will be 2. In the last month his independence has made its appearance. Oh boy! Particularly in the last couple weeks he has been a real bear. When I ask him to do something and he doesn't want to, he will get a scowl on his face, shake his head no, and hit his face and head. I am thinking that maybe his 2 year molars might be making their appearance, or maybe I'm just hoping that's the reason for his behavior. He definitely has his sweet moments too and will give kisses and says "hi" while waving and giving the biggest grin. Whenever I pick him from from the Y kids gym, he puts down the toy he's playing with, smiles, and runs to me while saying bye to the workers there. He loves puppies- whenever he sees one on a tv commercial, he stops whatever he is doing, points, laughs, and says "puppy" in a high pitched delighted voice. And whenever he gets to see one in real life, he is especially happy. He likes to be outside and watch the cars and trucks that go by. He now knows the difference between a car and a truck. Eli will dance when he hears music- it's a gentle bounce with a head nod- so adorable! He has become more clingy and a momma's boy this last month, which is nice and a bit challenging at times, but at least I know he loves me! We sure do love our little bear! 

Eating corn on the cob from mommy's garden!

...and loving it!

"Helping" mommy unload the dishwasher. Don't mind the mark on his head, it's just Sharpie marker. 

20 months today and messy messy messy! 

Bath-time after a messy supper. 

Summer Recap

Although summer is not officially over, it is in my mind. I have always lived on a school-year schedule (my mom's a teacher and basically my whole family is too) and this is the first year that I don't feel much different on August 15th than I did on July 15th (aside from this unseasonably cool/wet summer). But summer will probably always be over for me when kids start going back to school. So since I have been pretty scant on my blog postings, I thought I would recap the summer in pictures. I'll try not to post too many. But we literally had something to do every weekend. It was nuts-o. 

The unofficial start to summer is always the state track meet. 

Looking at the sheep at Grandma and Grandpa Wichert's house.

Hanging out with friends- Misty & Grace, Brittani & Kinsley 

The guys: Ian, Brent & Cody

Anniversary/Birthday celebration weekend in Sabetha. Side note: my parents are the cutest.

Hanging out with the Lynches in Tahlequah. Eli really liked rough housing with these boys: Owen, Sankie & Jackson.

Celebrating Aunt Estey's birthday at Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Hanging out with college friends and their kiddos: Layla, Grace, Brody & Eli

Celebrating Drew's 8th birthday and his baptism! 

McKim Family reunion at Rock Springs 4H Ranch 2013. Such a great group of people! 

Me & Brent at his 10 year high school reunion.
The boys are reunited- Brandon, Cody, Brent, Jake, Ian & Caleb

The weekend we went to Sabetha to help Jobi & Rachelle move, we happened to time it just right to see Big Papa on the milk route. Eli loved the big truck, calves, and combine. 
Hanging out with Grace.

Going to the Salina county fair- the overalls were Brent's when he was little.

Salina County fair


Oh So Close

If you are grossed out by poop, read/look no further. If you find humor in toddler antics that may include poop, keep reading. 

After lunch I sat Eli on the potty. We aren't officially training, we just sit him on it after meal times (when we remember). He hasn't ever gone while sitting on the potty. After he said he was all done, I took him off and said "go to Daddy and get a new diaper". He ran off bare naked and oh-so-cute. I'm not exactly sure what I was doing next, but I heard Eli in the bathroom playing in what sounded like water. I turned the corner and saw this...

Except Eli was standing and stomping in his pee. I was like, oh we can handle this he only peed and then I saw the pile behind him. I then gasped and had a minor freak out in which Eli responded by stepping in said pile. Yucky! I put him on the toilet to clean up. It was slightly traumatic for him, but he recovered as you can see in the next picture. 

We were oh-so-close!