Haddie- 8 months

Haddie turned 8 months on Friday, and it's Tuesday, so I guess you can say I'm a little behind. Haddie is starting to get on her hands and knees some to rock. She rolls wherever she wants to. 

She is still soft and squishy and she gets lots of hugs and kisses from her mom and really everyone that holds her. 

She detests baby food. We've tried several vegetables and she gags when she sees the spoon coming. She's working on some teeth, so maybe once those come through she can just go to table food. 

She takes a great afternoon nap and sleeps through the night most of the time. She is still a mama's girl, but is starting to branch out a bit. She loves her little "night-night" as the boys call it (blankie). 
She went to her first high school football game on her 8-month birthday. We cheered on the Sabetha Bluejays to victory. Her first football game was dad's alumni game in June. 

She makes funny noises with her mouth and she loves when you blow in her hair. Haddie likes to be held and sung to. 

She is a sweet sweet baby girl and we love her so! Her brother absolutely adore her. 

Her protector.
At church a few weeks ago.
Here's big brothers Eli and Micah at 8 months.
Haddie loves Great Grandma Wichert and I think the feeling is quite mutual. It is so sweet to see these two interact and smile at each other. 

Eli - 4 1/2...and some...

How old are you? - 4 & a half
When is your birthday? - in December, December 20
How old is Mom? - 29
How old is Dad? - 31
What's your favorite color? - blue
What's your favorite food? - marshmallows, ice cream, birthday cake, pizza, cheetos
Who's your best friend? - Hayden
What's your favorite tv show? - Lion Guard and Wild Kratts
What's your favorite movie? - I don't have a favorite movie.
What's your favorite song? - The Ants Go Marching
What's your favorite animal? - Lions
What are you afraid of? - scary dreams
What makes you most happy? - running, legos

This boy is so much like his daddy- not just in looks! He is a brain and remembers most everything (except mom's age apparently). He told me yesterday that Kyson (his cousin) had a book called Fred's Big Red Sled and he wanted to take it with him but his mom said no and he stomped on the stairs. It was when it was snowing. He does things like this often. He loves to read books with anyone that will read with him. He is obsessed with animals and animal facts, so Wild Kratts and Ranger Rick Jr magazine have been great. 

He loves to run and play with friends. I would say in the last 6 months he has gotten better at playing with friends or his brother as opposed to playing in close proximity to them. This makes mom's heart happy. :) 

Eli is the most aware of our move, naturally. He has said several times that he isn't going to miss our Salina house, just our Salina friends. He thinks because we live in the same town as Grace (our dear friend that lives just down the street) that we should get to see her whenever we want. He has acted kind of hyper and nervous a few times, but overall is doing really well. 

A few things he says wrong yet are the words ever and never. For example, "I ever get tired in the night or in the morning." He gets his B's and V's mixed up like on the word vacation. 

He has a mind of his own. He has asked Brent and I on several occasions, "what if the Bible said parents, obey your children" and "what if God didn't make angels". Many questions are beyond me and I say, "ask your dad when he gets home". Ha!

Eli has told me several times that he never (or ever as he says) wants to get married and move away. He wants to stay in mom and dad's house forever and never wants to go to school. It really is sweet. I think it highlights his dislike of the unknown. I wouldn't call him adventurous, but he is getting more brave as he gets older. He told me the other day that when he grows up he is going to be a construction guy, because he likes to build, but he's going to come eat lunch with me and we can do activities in the afternoon or take a nap. Micah is going to do the same thing. 

Some of Eli's favorite things to do are wrestle his daddy, run and run and run, make his sister and brother laugh by doing silly things, watch Wild Kratts, Bugs Bunny, or American Ninja Warrior. He likes pretending to be on American Ninja Warrior by jumping from different pieces of furniture and climbing different things. 

Eli and I have started doing preschool at home with ABC Jesus Loves Me (thanks Heidi) and so far so good. He is a sponge and it will be fun to see him progress through the year. 

I think that about sums it up. We sure love our big big boy!