Eli's Funnies

Eli makes us laugh all the time, so we wanted to try and document all of those little things. 

-Eli notices Jayhawks all the time- even at the store when I don't intentionally walk by them or point them out. He points to them and says "SHEEE-HAW" over and over until I acknowledge him. 

-When Eli sees a cow (or sheep or goat- we're working on it) he says moo (just like any other kid, right). But he says it in a demanding way- like in the same way he says no when he doesn't want to do something. MOOOOOO

-He's a copy cat. If one of us coughs, Eli coughs. A few weekends ago, we were at Brent's parent's house. We were playing outside and Brent went over to the grass to spit. Eli walked over exactly where daddy was standing and spit in the grass too.
Copying dad
Copying mom- we were picking up sticks.

-He likes to jump on the couch or bed. He'll do some little jumps and then says something like "one, five, three" and then puts his feet straight out so he bounces on his bottom and then proceeds to laugh with delight. 

-When Eli is being too rough I will tell him to be nice or gentle. He then usually responds by "tickling" me (or whoever is closest). When he tickles he says "TICK-A-TICK-A-TICK-A". Sometimes he tickles the couch. 

-When Eli hears the Subway commercial he puts up his hand and says "fie dolla". 

-Eli has enjoyed playing peek-a-boo for quite awhile now, but he has started figuring out that he can peek at us through his fingers. He thinks he's being sneaky. 

-Pretty much any animal he sees on tv is a puppy. Dolphins, elephants, actual puppies, camels: all are "PUPPY". The boy LOVES puppies. With real puppies he puts his hands right in their face and laughs. 

-He saw The Price is Right the other day for the first time and was clapping and jumping along with the contestants. 

-He likes to make this face...

Oh, and he's a mess when he's eating.