Micah- 9 months

 Our baby is 9 months old and it feels like I just blinked and we're here. He is such a sweet boy. He is an easy smile-r and is generally very easy going. 

Height: 27.5" 12th percentile

Weight: 18# 10oz 28th percentile

Here's Eli's post at 9 months

-He has started eating food finally. Usually eats at lunch and supper-time. He is a fan of the puffs too. He nurses 4-5 times throughout the day. 

-Small nap in the morning and a longer one in the afternoon. 

-He has started crawling correctly some of the time and pulls up and cruises on the furniture. I'm not quite ready for a walker, but I have a feeling he'll be doing that before his first birthday. 

-He still only have 2 bottom teeth but has some on the top that are ready to pop through any day. 

-Sleeps through the night- now that we made him. Should have done it sooner, but I was worried Eli would wake up too (since they share a room). Thanks for the nudge, Amy. :) 

-He seems to have an internal clock. He wakes up at within 5 minutes to 7:30 every day. He likes a little nap at 10 and gets fussy at 1 (for nap), 4 (to eat), 6 (for supper) and 7 (to eat and go to bed). It amazes me. 

-Micah likes: to chew on things (especially cups and cords), his mom and dad, music (he kind of dances to it too), watching his brother, getting hugs from brother, laughing, getting kisses, eating puffs, splashing in the bath

Chew chew chew



Husband-Wife Conversation (take 6)

(All content posted under Husband-Wife Conversation is done so with the permission of those involved. All events happen exactly as they are depicted.)

On our way to church tonight, I was sharing with Brent what my goal for the year was. I had seen several places on facebook that you should come up with a life plan or a word of the year for your family. I went with the less work and came up with a phrase. 


I came up with it as I was taking out our vegetable scraps to the compost (how green of me, right?) and I realized that I actually enjoy doing that. I like recycling. I like the idea of having less waste. And then I thought of the other wastes...time, money, resources, energy, etc and I realized that this would be my "phrase of the year". 

So, I was explaining this to Brent on our way to church and this was his response...

Brent: "Could be in reference to WAISTLINE too"
Brent: "Not necessarily YOUR waistline, just another use of the word "waste"."
Me: "Rude".