Nursery Update

As promised, here is a nursery update. 

This is the view from the door. On the little table next to the chair, I would like to have a lamp for the lamp shade- I guess I need to make a trip to Et Cetera later this week (that's our thrift shop). Also, under the changing pad, there should be something resembling a changing table at some point (I think I may have found something on craigslist that will work). Lastly, to the left of the "Jesus Loves Me" picture (made by Riley...isn't she just the best?) I would like a white hanging shelf. The afghan on the back of the chair was made by my good friend, Bethany. We have been blessed by friends and family with many of the things needed for our baby boy. Now I guess we just need the baby to complete it. :) Oh, did you notice the curtains- I made them. Again, should have made them a little longer but I don't want to seam rip any more so I am satisfied. 
This is the view from the door looking to the left. 
 Brent's sister, Estey made the little puppy you see in this picture. Brent's mom made the little tag blanket and the giraffe came from my shower with Rach and Riley. The sheets were a little bit of a splurge I bought with a Target gift card I got from a shower. 
The baby bed. :) I sewed a cover for the baby bumper that my mom gave me. I used a flannel-ish material...never again. 

I just love how this canvas turned out. Hope you all are doing well! Updates to come- baby showers! 


36 weeks...well kinda

Well, it happened...I got behind on my blog. Sorry about that. I have been a little busier than usual, but mostly I've just been lazy. I've been working on some Christmas gifts for our nieces and nephews and finishing up touches on the nursery. (Update on nursery to come soon.) So here is my picture update of myself at 36 weeks- but I am actually just over 37 weeks as I write this so I suppose I have gotten slightly bigger in the last week. Ugh. I also had my first bought of sickness 2 and 3 weeks ago- a respiratory-something-or-rather and the stomach flu. Thankfully I am over both of these things and am feeling well other than the obvious uncomfortableness of having a growing baby inside me. Brent and I are really excited to meet our little guy and to share him with the rest of you! Hope this finds you all doing well. Near future updates- nursery and baby shower pictures. 
Obviously still have not gotten a hair cut. Also, notice my finger nails. This was after Rach and Riley and I went to get manicures and pedicures. It was FABULOUS! Thanks girls- love you both!


A Friend is with Jesus

A friend is now with Jesus. There is comfort in that, but when I think about Preston's sweet wife, Dara, and the rest of his family my heart hurts for them. Preston and Dara were one of those couples that you know were meant for each other as soon as you saw them together. They even kind of looked alike. I know I have described them before to others as "two of the nicest people I have ever met". I really mean that- they are THAT nice. The love of Christ was evident in everything they did. They dated for a long time before they were married on July 31, 2010. Preston was a 4th year optometry student (a year behind Brent in school) and we had the privilege of going to the same church as him. Preston never held back a compliment. He was always lifting others up around him and providing encouragement. Brent and I went to Tahlequah this last weekend and were able to spend some time with Preston and Dara on Saturday evening and Sunday after church. I am so thankful for this time. Preston was a Cardinals fan, so he was ecstatic his team had won the world series. In light of eternity, the Cardinals aren't really a big deal but I'm so glad he got to see them win. I will always remember Preston with a smile and a laugh that would turn his whole face red. I will also remember the gift he had of making those around him feel like a million bucks. In his short life, he has left quite a legacy that points to his Savior.  

Like most people, I never know what to do or say during such horrible times as these. I want so badly to do something or say something that will provide great comfort to all those hurting so badly, but I think the only person that can provide such things is God. I think what I can do is pray fervently, provide acts of services, and be there for the people most effected after the dust settles. 
Preston, Dara, me, and Brent at the Eye Ball 2011
Please join us in prayer for Dara, Preston's parents and brother, Dara's family, NSU College of Optometry, and all that have inevitably been touched by Preston's life. May everyone be pointed to God and his goodness.