32 weeks

32 weeks, 1 day. I felt really tired when Brent took this and it shows, but I don't care. Baby is definitely growing!
We had our last sono on Monday. Normally they wouldn't do another one, but there was something that was a little concerning to our doc on our 28 week sono. Everything checked out fine. 

Our baby weighs almost 4 pounds. He's measuring about 50th percentile, so he will likely weigh around what Eli did (6lbs 13oz). 

Oh, and I already have my induction date! I got a confirmation in the mail, it was crazy. So April 17th is baby day! That's only 7 weeks away! 
32 week baby. It's getting harder to see him as he is getting bigger!




Whew! This month seemed like a whirlwind. There were single days that felt like two and there were weeks that felt like mere days. I'm left in a little bit of a tail-spin but I think that's okay. I think that's just where my life is right now, but I also think it helps me depend on God more. 

The month started with the annual Wertbardi Superbowl party. It was slightly different this year since Jobi & Rach moved to Sabetha, so half of us were in Whitewater and the other half in Sabetha. We skyped at half time. Oh, and I won the trophy this year. 
Crazy kids at the Whitewater party.

Champion and side-kick.

We had a crazy snow storm shortly after that. 
See the sun-dog?

Eli got to go out for 10 minutes because it was SO cold.

Then we traveled to Estes Park CO for our great friend, Jeff's wedding. We had such a great time relaxing on the mountain and being with our other friends John & Shayley and Cody & Misty. It was such a beautiful wedding. The trip out involved a big mistake of an over-night stay in Burlington, CO and the trip back involved the stomach flu, but everything in between was fantastic. 
Cody, Jeff, Brent, John

...and wives.

View out of the cabin looking at the deer.

The kiddos looking at the deer.

Then we went to Sabetha for the 10 year anniversary of our basketball state championship. Crazy how fast that 10 years went! It was so good to see everyone that was there and catch up. On Saturday of that weekend, we watched a crazy volleyball tournament that 2 of my sister-in-laws and great friends were playing in.
2004 3A State Champions- missing a few but still a great time.

Eli, Tynlee and Kyson snacking and enjoying the Bluejay basketball game.

That crazy volleyball tournament. I think they played 8 or 9 games that day!

Next came some crazy nice weather which Eli and I took advantage of.

And then potty training...or maybe potty trying. Ugh.

Eli's friend, Grace came over one evening and they had great fun together. 

 Eli continues to amaze us with his vocabulary and development. Ever since he's turned 2, he just keeps learning and showing us what he's learned. He also likes to tell us when he doesn't like things by say "No _____ (fill in the blank with whatever we asked him to do)". He is really great at remembering names. He remembered the name of a guy from my hometown that he hadn't seen or talked to since November. He knows most of his colors and can recognize a few letters. This age is just so much fun and we are cherishing our last few weeks of having just one.