16 months

Eli's officially 16 months old now. Crazy. Absolutely crazy. 

He is into everything- laundry, dishes, papers, etc...

Walking everywhere- with his tummy out, hands up by his shoulders, and attempting to run.

Babbling and talking- he can say mama, dada, milk (he LOVES to drink his mee-mee), cracker, uh-oh, last night he finally said ball, and he will repeat almost anything if he's in the right mood.

Likes it when people laugh at him- he is a ham!

When I ask him where something is, he'll put his hands up as to say "I don't know". 

Gives kisses.

Has 14 teeth! 8 on top, 6 on bottom.

Sleeps with a paci, bunny, taggie and a crocheted blanket. If the blanket ever gets out of his bed when he sees it, he'll put his head on it and act like he's going to sleep. 

Loves to be outside and can thrown a big fit when it's time to come in. 

Becoming more independent- likes to feed himself. 

If he finds the right thing, he will play with it for a long time. For example, last time we were in Sabetha he started playing in a basket of crayons- taking them out, putting them in- and he played with them for probably 20 minutes.


Daddy and Eli getting ready to go down the big slide at the MCC sale.

Ready for more!

Loves getting messy with his ravioli.


His first creation. Lefty?

Or righty?


In Eli's Mind

After Eli's shots, he got a balloon. He had never played with a balloon with helium in it. When we got home, I was getting lunch together so I put him in his high chair and handed him the balloon. He had a great time with it, but then at one point he "dropped" it. He let go and immediately started looking at the floor to see where it went. I pointed up to the ceiling and once he found it, his face lit up! Oh, how we adults take things for granted. 

Today I was getting some ice out of the freezer. A few little pieces fell on the floor. Eli picked them up and was delighted, but once they melted he again was looking on the floor to see where they went. It is so fun to see him learn. 

This picture has nothing to do with this post, but on Brent's birthday he had to work late. So Eli and I went and got him his favorite thing- Dairy Queen ice cream cake. Eli is in his jammies because it was time for bed. In my opinion, every post is better with a picture. 


15 month stats

Well we went to a new doctor in our new town. Mommy was a little nervous but Eli did great! He even waved bye-bye and gave the Dr. a high five before he left. Mommy was proud. :)

I haven't update on Eli in awhile. He continues to be adventurous (I mean he is a boy). He primarily walks everywhere. He perfected his walk once we moved- I think the hard floor motivated him a little. He's somewhat of a picky eater- he would prefer I only feed him bread, cheese, and an occasional fruit or green bean. He is jabbering a lot more now and repeats words like cracker, cool dude (when he's wearing his sunglasses), please, and a few others. He can point to his eyes, nose, ears and occasionally mouth. Oh, and how can I forget his tantrums...when Eli's mad, he can throw a tantrum with the best of them. He'll arch his back and then try to hit his head on the floor. Picture a little boy on all fours lightly (sometimes a little harder than lightly) tapping his head on the floor and then looking at mommy like "see mom, I'm mad". It's quite a sight. So the disciplining is in full swing. Love my little boy. I've been reminding him that he's supposed to be my baby, but he doesn't seem to listen. Lastly, he loves when his daddy comes home from work. He'll hear the door and then his face just lights up. It is the most precious thing. 

Height: 32" 75th percentile (62 at 12 mo)
Weight: 23lbs 25th percentile (9 at 12 mo)
Not sure about head size. 

Shots are no fun...but balloons sure help! 

Couldn't resist this one. Last night we were watching some tv and Eli just went up and sat on Brent's lap and put his hands on Brent's legs like he belonged there. I had to sneak over and get my camera before he moved. 


Easter Weekend

This Easter we went to Sabetha. It was so great. It had been awhile since we had been there for a whole weekend. We have made several quick trips up in the last months, but it was so nice to be with family for the weekend- except for the fact that Eli got sick, but what's new! :) 

Here are some pictures from the weekend. Most are from McKim Easter and Uncle Gary and Aunt Connie's house with their animals. 

Easter Egg Hunt with the cousins at Grandma and Grandpa Wertenberger's house
Trey, Eli, Rhett, Tynlee, Kyson and Leah (We missed Drew, Tyler and Megan.)

Eli, Chief and Uncle Josh. Eli loves Chief.

Leah and Rhett coloring Easter Eggs

Trey, Jobi and Kyson
Uncle Gary, Abraham (donkey), Eli and Grandpa Wertenberger

Me and my baby on Easter Sunday

I didn't think Eli would be into Easter egg hunting- in fact I didn't even get him a basket- but he loved it! He walked around and gather probably 6 eggs. Next year I'll be more prepared. 


Hunting eggs with Daddy

Checking out their loot!


Eli making a mess of the eggs.

Leah with Aunt Connie's goat

Grandpa Wertenberger and Trey