Bye Bye Tonsils!

Just look at that throat. It doesn't show his left tonsil very well, but you can imagine. He had millimeters to swallow food.
On January 27th, Eli got his tonsils out. When we had our pre-op appointment the doctor felt like it would be best for him since he wasn't ever really rested and snored terribly. He said that he HAD seen larger tonsils, but not many. 

Waiting for surgery. (Brent is such a great Daddy)
Eli was very brave, but when we were driving to Hutch for surgery he was asking a lot of questions. After we had answered them he said, with tears in his eyes, "I'm not sure I'm going to like that." At that point, dad had to take over, because mom was pretty emotional. 

His catch phrase for the nurses and Grandma Wertenberger the night before was "Oh, now I've heard everything!" He used it when he didn't know what else to say. It was pretty funny. 
I am so thankful this is behind us now. It was not an easy 2 weeks. Day 4 was our worst, by far, but it took the full 2 weeks for him to recover. They did take his tonsils and adenoids. Now he has more energy than he ever has and is sleeping so much more soundly. 


Haddie Joy- 2 months

Haddie continues to be a great baby and pretty easy going. She has 2 strong dislikes: baths and tummy time (or really just laying on the floor in general). She would rather be in her swing or be held. But we are working through it. She has really started to smile and coo a lot this month. Her smiliest time is in the evening. Eli has become a good helper for mom and has learned how to put Haddie's paci in her mouth and usually says "Haddie, you're going to be just fine." Micah continues to give her a hug by laying his head on her tummy and then pets her head and says "Hi baby". They are so sweet with her. 

She had her 2 month shots today and although she was not a big fan, Eli was even less of one. He hid so he didn't have to watch. He is already pretty protective. One time this past month, he looked at Haddie and said, "Haddie is so lovely". We've also had to have the you-can't-marry-your-sister talk a number of times.

She is on a very consistent eating schedule. She eats at 7am, 10, 1pm, 5, 8, 11 (and then sometimes will make it all the way to 7 again).

Last night, I went to choir and Haddie went with the boys to child care. They had to come get me because she was crying. Right when I walked in, she stopped. She didn't need to eat or anything. She just wanted me. It's a nice feeling, but hopefully this isn't a start to only wanting mom. 

Haddie has been to lots of basketball games this month- the Lady Broncos (Uncle Ben's team), the Sabetha Bluejays (Uncle Josh's team), and the Tabor Bluejays (mom and dad's college). We like basketball. :) We are hoping to go to several more next week in Hutchinson for state basketball. 

height- 21.5" 11th percentile
weight- 10 lb 1oz 18th percentile

For those that are interested... Eli (stats) and Micah at 2 months.