Who does he look like?

If you are a parent, or have been around parents often you have heard someone ask the question, "who does he/she look like?" I think it's just a natural conversation starter and I don't blame people for saying it, I say it myself. It's just hard to compare a baby with two adults. When I was at my parent's house in March I found this picture in one of the bedrooms. 
This is my dad. I couldn't help but think it looked a lot like me precious little boy. My dad's features are obviously a little darker than Eli's, but I don't think a resemblance can be denied. I tried to look through Eli's pictures and find one where he was posed like this. This is the closest I could come...

After looking at Brent's baby pictures I think Eli takes after my side more, but who knows, he could end up looking like a Wichert. I may be bias, but I think either way (Wichert of Wertenberger) he'll be cute. :)

A look into Eli's future? I know Brent would be excited if he got his Grandpa Rixey's height! :) I think there's a lot of great things he could get from his Grandpa. I sure do love my daddy!


4 month stats

My baby is 4 months old! I can not believe how fast the time has gone. (I hear it only gets faster...yikes!) We are amazed at all the new things he learns to do and love being around him. He is such a good baby!

Stats: Height 26" (84%) Weight 15 lb 11 oz (65%) Head Circumference 17.1" (79%)

Within the last month Eli...
-rolls from his back to tummy and tummy to back
-is in size 2 diapers
-laughs, coos, "talks", yells
- sleeps from 8 or 9 pm to 5 am (then I feed him & he goes back to sleep until 7 or 8)
-has become a slobbery mess! (but it's pretty cute)
-poops all over his clothes at least once a day (I attribute it to his antibiotics he has been on)
-is finally done with antibiotics (he had to be on two different kinds because he had an abscess on his bottom that was removed)
-chews on everything
-grabs toys and other people's fingers and hair
-definitely knows his momma and daddy
-smiles very easily (a big hit with strangers at the grocery store)
-loves when we lift him in the air and then bring him down
-likes tooting noises (I mean he is a boy, right?)
-takes great naps in his bed- not so much at anyone else's house- we'll work on that
-still is eating well (exclusively nursing at this point)

Piano player?? 
Look at that tummy!

Love his little piggies.



This Easter I did what any first time mom would do- I made my son wear something that matched his mom to Easter Sunday service. Doesn't everyone do this? Anyway, it wasn't originally planned, but I had planned to make myself a skirt and with some of the left over material I made a onesie tie for my little guy. I made sure that Brent was okay with it before I did it. Unfortunately I didn't make him one too. Now that would have been cute. :) I think Eli's outfit turned out way cuter than my skirt, but since I spent the time on making it, I made myself wear it (even though it would look much better when this baby weight leaves me). Anyway, happy Easter anyway. 

Me and my little guy. I used this  http://sewingin-nomansland.blogspot.com/2010/08/taking-notes-skirt-tutorial.html   website to make my skirt. 

Grandpa Wichert, Uncle Eric and Aunt Estey- yeah, they're pretty smitten. :)

I LOVE aunt Estey

Playing with Uncle Eric

Just hatched! I was planning to get a cute smiley picture later, but he pooped on it. So this is the only one.

Playing with aunt Estey