7 Years- What I thought then...

7 years ago, I probably thought...

-I'd never be really mad at you.

-We'd be financially stable by now.

-That I'd have endless energy to be a homemaker and mom and wife and everything else.

-Money grew on trees, kinda.

-Our children would always behave themselves especially in public.

-I'd weigh the same now as I did then because I'd be just that into exercise and such.

-The only debt we'd have by now is a mortgage...hello student loans, I see you.

-That we would somehow live somewhere where both our families were really close...impossible, I know...but I was a dreamer.

-That I'd love you more today than I did then...SO TRUE! 

On our anniversary- 7 years and counting.

I'm so thankful that I've had the last 7 years with my best friend. I pray the Lord gives us many many many more years together. On our actual anniversary, we were in Oklahoma visiting some dear friends. Little did I know, Brent had planned in advance that we would go out to eat on our anniversary without kids (they would stay with our friends). Well, due to a late lunch and Micah's feeding schedule it ended up being a trip to Starbucks, but it was so nice to be with my love for a little bit- just the 2 of us. I love him so much and am so thankful I get to do life with him. 

From our track days- our first year of dating. SO young! 

Micah- 3 months

Yesterday my baby turned 3 months. He is such a sweetheart and loves giving smiles (especially to mommy). He has a little dimple on his right cheek that I hope sticks around for good. He is darker complected than his brother, but still has blue eyes. Daddy and Mommy think he looks a lot like Uncle Josh's baby pictures. He visited Oklahoma for the first time and had his first boat ride. He slept in his room with Eli last night (we'll call it a partial success). He still likes to be swaddled and definitely would prefer I hold him but he does pretty good in his swing. Eli continues to love him and especially likes it when Micah smiles at him. However, Micah gets scared when Eli "roars" at him but Eli still likes to do it. Micah is in cloth diapers most of the time now but is in size 2 disposable. He wears 3m or 3-6m clothes. He'll take a paci, but really does most of his day without one. He has long eyelashes and likes to coo and "talk" when he's awake enough to do it. He has slept through the night a few times. When he does wake up, he eats and is back to sleep in no time (mommy is so thankful for this). We sure love this little boy! 

He was kinda being a stinker and didn't smile nearly as much as he usually does, but in my opinion, I think he's still pretty darn cute! :)

Brother had to get in on the camera action.
And for those that are curious (like me) here's the link to Eli's 3 month pics.

There's my happy boy!