Update on the Boys

I have not had a blog update since April. Oops. Things have been busy but good. I love to document things and keep photos updated here, but I'd rather live the moments. So although a little less frequent, I still plan to update as I can so someday and I can read these as my kids are off to college or something. :)
Pictures are hard these days. :)

I wanted to write a post that had some of the funny things Eli has been saying and the things that Micah has been up to too. 

"I certainly do!" (sometimes cerkainly)

"Oh, yeah, that's right!"
Eye exam time...Micah had one too, but no picture. I'm slacking...

"We need to clean the grass." (water the lawn)
Celebrating mother's day with Grandma Wichert.

"Oh for pete's sake!" (thanks to The Pigeon Finds a Hotdog) 
Mother's Day
"Oh no, did Micah ruin it?" (anything that is ripped or broken)
Eli and Grace at their daddy's basketball game.
"If I need more dessert, I do." (he usually just means that he likes it and he's going to want more)
Eli's first milk truck ride. He loved it! (Memorial weekend)
He puts a "ph" sound in front of "th" sounds sometimes. Like "I hurt my phthumb" or when he's talking about his friend "Muffthias". It cracks me up.

Micah and Grandma Wertenberger (Memorial weekend)

Micah definitely is a walker. He loves to follow Eli wherever he is going.  

Micah likes to wrestle his brother when Eli isn't expecting it. Eli will be sitting on the floor or laying down and as soon as Micah sees him, he gets a big grin on his face and just starts crawling towards his brother.
Teagan and Eli

They both like to play peek-a-boo with each other. 
Hayden and Vivienne

Micah's top molars have popped through and I think he's working on the bottoms. He still doesn't have all 4 of his front bottom teeth. 
River Fest

Both boys had their first vbs experience. Eli was in a class with other 2 and 3 year olds. They had a little lesser version of vbs, but he liked it. Micah loved being loved on by the teen girls that were helping in the nursery. And when he got fussy, he got to have a stroller ride around the church. 
Father's Day outing- these boys have the best daddy.

Micah says "ut-oh" and "wow". He signs "please" which is a HUGE help. When we talk to dad on speaker phone he says "da da da da" and occasionally will say "mama" but not really to me. 

Me and my baby boy!