Haddie- 6 months

Haddie has been such a trooper this past month. She has been in the car between Buhler and Salina more times than I care to count and has done it with much grace. She continues to be an easy-going baby, especially when someone she loves is close by. When she is left in a room by herself, she isn't thrilled. She has adjusted to sleeping in her new room and house pretty well. The bed-time routine still could be a bit smoother, but once she is asleep she is asleep for the night, so I won't complain. 

This past month, Haddie has started to roll a lot! (Also, she has a lot of rolls on her body, but that's another story.) She rolls both ways and uses it to get around. She also has started to scoot a little on her belly. I think the new carpet as helped with this as we didn't have much carpet in our old house. She can sit up for a few seconds at a time. I think we will be starting food sometime soon because whenever we are eating as a family, she moves her mouth like she is eating too. I think she is ready. :) 
I wish this was one clearer, but this shows how she smiles with her whole face.

We had some special friends come for a visit over the 4th of July. They are friends from Tabor and it has become such a special reunion every year. So Haddie got to meet her friend-cousins and aunts and uncles for the first time (Garcias and Anensons).  

Haddie loves to chew on toys, her hands, her feet, her dress- pretty much anything. She laughs when her brothers "rawer" at her and when she is tickeled around her collar bone. She also will laugh when her brothers talk to her and they love it. 

Look at those arm rolls! Love them!

Height- 24.5", 10th percentile
Weight- 14lb 12oz, 30th percentile

Eli stats and post (apparently the first-born gets 2, 6 month posts) and Micah at 6 months.