Oh girl!?!

Brent and I have deemed it time to announce to anyone who cares that we are expecting to add a little girl to our family in January! We can hardly believe it. Eli has been convinced baby was a girl since we found out we were pregnant. Micah is no idea what is coming (poor Buster) but he is making up for it by keeping mom on her toes. He is a climber, and apparently thinks he is 3 1/2 like his brother and thus can do things that 3 1/2 year-olds do. He's constantly pushing the envelope while giving me the cutest little grin you've ever seen. Love my boys and love this baby girl! 
Not the best sono pic we've had. She was face down and would not cooperate. I think she was asleep and didn't want to be disturbed- already like mama. :)


Micah is 15 months

Well, he's actually nearly 16 months. But here are his 15 month stats and a few pictures. 

Height: 30.5" (24th percentile)
Weight: 21lb 13oz (34th percentile)

Some of Micah's favorite things to do: pet his brothers head while he's watching his show, tackle his brother, wrestle with dad, be held, try to run, play with balls, blow kisses, put rocks in his mouth, play in the sand box, froggy toy that dances, play outside, play with cars, play his music box, his blankie that he sleeps with, and just be in the action.

He had his first night away from mom and dad with Grandma Wertenberger. He had a great time with her. 

Big brother still calls him "Buster" especially when he's doing something ornery.

Eli has been busy driving cars and trucks this summer. He's taken a little break from his train obsession, which is nice. He loves to watch Curious George and wrestle daddy. He's been saying "yikes" lately which cracks us up. Lately he's taken an interest in helping mom cook. He has also become quite the negotiator when it comes to eating meals, going to bed, or doing anything that isn't his favorite.
Grocery store without brother...not impressed.

I asked Eli to pick up the books in his playroom, fully expecting to have to help him out, and he did it all himself. Happy momma! 


Blue-eyed little guy wearing his Tabor Bluejays shirt.

Splash pad

Attempt at a Sunday photo- this is my favorite outfit Micah has and he's just about out-grown it.

This pic cracks me up. Eli is not happy, but it was totally his idea. Little brother is loving it.

At Grandma and Grandpa Wertenbergers house.

At Uncle Gary and Aunt Connie's farm- how cool is the tortoise? Micah was scared of most everything.

Eli and Uncle Gary with the miniature pig. SO cute!

Eli and their llama.

Double flying and Royals

Snow cones for Aunt Megan's birthday!

Micah and Grandma (the coloring is weird in this pic I think because they were part in the shade and part sun)

Yummy snow cone!