Catch Up and My Baby is 6 Weeks Old!

Despite my best efforts, Micah will have less pictures than Eli did at this age. It's not because I'm exhausted or because I don't love him as much- it's because I don't have enough hands! When I'm holding a baby and tending to a 2 1/2 year old, I don't have another hand to take photos. But we are doing really well and making it day-by-day. Enjoy the following photo unload...

They were just so matchy-matchy, momma had to take a picture.

Playing in my underware...still not even close to being potty-trained but loving playing in the sand!

Big yawn!

This is the first smile I've been able to catch on camera. I love it and him! 

Playing in mud puddles- some things you don't have to teach. 

After getting cleaned up, he wanted to go back outside.

Meeting cousins Kyson and Tynlee for the first time. I keep forgetting to get a picture with Uncle JJ and Aunt Rachelle! 

Don't tell Big Papa I put on his gloves.

Meeting Great Grandma Flossie at the Memorial Day service.

And Great Aunt Sue too! 

Happy Memorial Day!

Kyson and Uncle Josh playing basketball. 

Hi, I'm 6 weeks old today! (Mommy is a sucker for a romper in a nautical theme.)

Playing outside = filthy boy.


Micah- 1 month

Our Micah is 1 month old today and I can't believe it's already been a month! He eats every 3 hours and eats 1 or 2 times at night. He usually has a fussy time around the same time that mom and dad are ready to go to bed. :) He's on a pretty nice schedule now, which is nice for everyone. He's met most of his family but next weekend will meet his uncle, great grandma, and lots of great aunts and uncles as we'll take our first trip to Sabetha. We've made our first trip to Buhler already, so he's met most of that side of the family. We love our sweet little boy! 

Enough pictures!

Turns out Micah's big brother wasn't a big fan of pictures either. This is Eli at 1 month.

If he's on his back and not swaddled, his feet are usually in the air like this.

Loves his paci (and mommy does too)!

I got out this toy for Micah and Eli suddenly finds a new love for it. 

Today's the Day...

Actually Wednesday (May14th) was the day. This was when Micah fit into the outfit we took him home in. He fills it out so good, that I'm not certain how much longer he'll be able to wear it. 

Not real impressed with the picture-taking.
 And it was the day of our first family walk! 

Micah's "newborn photos"

All these photos were taken when Micah was 6 days old. I didn't want to post them until most everyone had their announcement (some of you are waiting on my cheap hand-delivery). 

Disclaimer- I am not a photographer. I wish I was but it was obvious after this "session" that I certainly don't have the patience with newborns nor the "eye" for it. But I think Micah was captured in this pictures and I like how they look just like them. Let me give a shout-out to my friend Cassy Pack at Cassy Pack Photography she does amazing work and if we lived in the Tulsa area she totally would have been in charge of this. 

Funny story with this one. Have you seen the adorable photo on pinterest like this one? Only way cuter? Well, I tried...

Here he is with the giraffe that Aunt Estey made for him.

Aunt Erin made this hat for Eli and I just think it's adorable. It's still kinda big for Micah, but he endured.


Under $25 Sand"box"

Remember how much fun it was for us to have a trampoline?

Well, on a crazy 90mph south windy day, this happened...and yes, I cried...and yes we had ground anchors on it.

So it started my quest to find something for Eli to play outside without spending a TON of money. Well, news flash, outside toys are expensive. We got a really good deal on our trampoline on Black Friday, so purchasing another one right now just wasn't in the bank. So I started looking at sand boxes and they are all around $70. There were some that were cheaper, but they didn't have lids and I don't want my son playing with cat poop. $70 is pretty steep and I'm not good at going to garage sales in search of such things, so I improvised.

45" round pool ($8.88), 6' x 8' medium duty tarp ($3.98), Babyville Boutique fold over elastic ($5.08, it was for 2 so technically I only used $2.54 and I already had it on hand. You might be able to purchase elastic for cheaper somewhere else).

I started by tracing around the pool with a sharpie marker.

Here's the traced circle. Then I used a ruler to measure out 6" from that circle in order to go over the lip of the pool.

Then that's where I cut.

Then I used this glue that I already had...and it didn't work. You'll see...

I folded in about half-way all around the circle...

And as you can already see, the glue isn't working...

So I had the genius idea to use clothes pins to really seal it...that didn't work either.

So I ended up hand-sewing the tabs down using a heavy (or heavier than normal thread) upholstery thread that I already had. This was a little time-consuming- I think it took a nap-time for me to sew all the way around.

Then we added 3 bags of play sand ($6)...I think he approves.

And here it is complete!