Haddie- 7 months

Haddie celebrated her month birthday by getting a mosquito bite right in the middle of her forehead. 
Our sweet girl turned 7 months last week. I'm a bit late in posting, but I'm sure Haddie will forgive me. :) 
That tongue...

Haddie continues to be a wonderful baby. Especially for mom. She is not a fan of nursery, or other people in general. She does okay with daddy and loves to watch her brothers play. She slobbers a lot and poops on her clothes almost once a day (despite being in size 4 diapers. It's just part of it now. 
Look at those baby legs!

She continues to roll around a lot to get to her toys but hasn't shown many signs of being close to crawling. She does sit up pretty well now. 

She is so loved and adored by her big brothers. 
Haddie went on her first trip to visit our Oklahoma friends. She did great the whole time we were there and was adored by lots of "big kids". We all had a wonderful time. 

We still haven't started baby food. I anticipate that will happen before her 8 month post. Micah has started calling Haddie by her name (instead of baby) and it comes out sounding "hadjoy". It's the sweetest. Eli still calls her "sugar bacon". Love our sweet babes. 

How could I not include this one. :) Love her- every single roll! 
 Here's Eli and Micah at 7 months.