Pumpkin Patch with Grandma and Papa Wichert

On Sunday we went out to Sunnyside Pumpkin Patch with Grandma and Grandpa Wichert. It was the perfect day for it and we all had fun! 

The end of that big slide- I couldn't believe how brave he was, doing it all by himself. I guess he's growing up! 

Bale maze

Checking out those chickens with Papa.

Brent and Grandpa had to try out the catapult...boys will be boys.


Quite possibly Eli's favorite thing, the corn pit.

Sweet baby

Family photo

Grandma and Papa with their grandkids.

Best buds...

Lifting that big pumpkin with Papa.

Papa and his boys

Teeter-totter with Grandma.

Micah- 6 months

I'm sure it goes without saying, but seriously where have the last 6 months gone? I can't believe our baby has been on the "outside" for half a year. 

Height: 26" 20th percentile
Weight: 16# 14.5 oz 35th percentile

(Eli's 6 month and stats

He is SUCH a sweet baby and is starting to develop his little personality. 


-has started eating some vegetables- so far summer squash and zucchini

-got his first tooth (on his 6 month 'birthday'). It's the bottom front right one.
Hey there. :)

-had his first stay in a hotel (Daddy had a conference in Wichita so we all went along)

-takes 2 naps most days (one from 10-11 and another from 1-4ish)

-is officially all "moved in" with his brother- even for nap time (and for the most part it works really well)

-can sit up and can move around pretty well in a small area. He's not really scooting he just rolls and rolls.

-wakes up once or zero times at night now

-went to his first Tabor event (on Saturday) and did such a good job. The whole family had such a great time.

-started saying "dadadada" and it's the cutest. I don't think he realizes that it is his daddy's name, but he says it a lot and has started talking a lot more lately.

-doesn't really take a paci or suck his thumb on a regular basis but will use either at times

-LOVES his brother Eli and likes to watch him play.

This looks questionable, but really Eli is giving Micah a hug and he loves them and usually licks Eli's face. 

-gives his daddy the BEST smiles


Now tell me, who does he look like?

The ever-popular question when you have a baby. Don't get me wrong, I love it! I love figuring out who our baby favors and I like trying to figure out who other people's babies look like. Eli gets told all the time that he looks JUST LIKE his daddy. And he does. He has a few differences from his dad that can probably be attributed to my side of the family but overall, he is his daddy's mini-me.

Right after Micah was born he looked exactly like his big brother. And then about month 3 he started getting a look that was all his own. I'm still not sure where his round face comes from. But my aunt Vicki e-mailed me a picture of my brother Josh and she (and I) think he favors him. Face shape is a little different, but overall he looks more like Josh than any other baby pictures I've seen. A month ago, Micah looked quite a bit like Grandpa Rixey too. So I guess we have one boy that is Wichert-looking and one that is Wertenberger-looking. :) 

Uncle Josh

Grandpa Rixey

Just Take a Second, Mom

About an hour ago I went upstairs to tend to the baby. He was supposed to be napping and had been crying for awhile so I went to check in on him. I won't tell you how long he'd been crying because some of you would think"I can't believe she let him cry that long" while others of you would think "I can't believe she didn't let him cry longer". So I headed up the stairs to try to calm the baby while telling Eli to play with his toys downstairs until I came back down. A few minutes later I heard his little feet coming up the stairs. My thoughts immediately went to the fact that he wasn't playing downstairs like I told him to. Micah was screaming and I was trying to calm him and around the corner came Eli with two big baby toys in his hand ready to throw them into Micah's bed. I started with a annoyed, "No, Eli" and then I took a second. I then realized that he was trying to help his mom and his brother by bringing him toys to help him not to cry. Whew. That was a close one. I almost took his helpful and kind spirit and threw it back at him with anger. 

I don't always take that second. 

Sometimes I break his spirit.

Sometimes he needs it broken. 

This time, I'm glad I didn't. I said, "Thank you for helping your brother. Let's put those beside his bed and when he wakes up, he can play with them." Eli smiled, put them down and went back downstairs to play. 

Just thought maybe someone else could use some encouragement to take a second. 

And if you forgot to take a second, what a great time to ask for forgiveness. I certainly have had to do that too.