Micah is 3

Oh Buster, you are 3. You are such a ride. You love and dislike fiercely. You love the color green, Paw Patrol, your new "jet pack water gun", sweets, getting into mischief, lining up your stuffed animals just so before bedtime followed by three blankets in correct order, Bugs Bunny, your friends (Brah and "Bucket" and Grace...). 

You are people-oriented. Every night when we thank God for something, you almost always thank Him for people. I love that about you. You list those people and almost always list yourself and a few others multiple times..."Mom, Dad, Eli, Me, Haddie, Me, Mom, Daddy, Eli, and Me, Amen". 

When you're excited about doing something you have a little chant that I'm pretty sure you made up. It goes, "Oh yeah oh yeah, we can do this!" in the cutest voice. 

Your whole body feels it when you feel you're treated unfairly. 

Your two Bible sayings right now is "We can call Jesus God because Jesus is God" and "You and me an Eli and Daddy and Haddie, God made us from DUST". 

You have very expressive eyes and eyebrows. 

In public you are much more reserved and get embarrassed easily. When you're embarrassed you put your tongue in your cheek and try to hide. Sometimes it's after you've done something funny or cute and as soon as people react, you regret it.

By some miracle, you know your letters. 

You are very observant- especially with books- noticing the picture details that sometimes mommy overlooks.

You're fiercely independent and love to be able to make all the decisions. Once mommy figured out that it's best to let you get your own bowl and spoon for breakfast, our mornings have gone much smoother. If you're in charge of something, you're also very generous. 

At bedtime (or really anytime) when I say "I love you" you respond with "I love you way more" with your eyebrows lifted and bright eyes. We love you way more, Micah. You are such a joy to have a part of our family. We are thankful God saw fit that He would give you to us. We love YOU and we're excited to see what God has made you for. I have a feeling it will be ministering to His people somehow. 

Height 36" (10th percentile)
Weight 30.6# (40th percentile)
(Eli at 3)


Haddie is 1

Our sweet baby cakes, sugar pie, Haddie Joy is 1! I really can't believe it! In the last month she has started crawling and pulling-up and cruising the couch. She cut her top two teeth on Christmas day- no joke- she got her two front teeth for Christmas. :) Haddie also celebrated her first Christmas. She still isn't eating and in fact when she accidentally does eat, she ends up throwing up. We're going to a pediatric gi doctor soon as she also hasn't grown (in height a slightly in weight) since 9 months. 

Crusaders game!
We also took a family trip to KC mainly for Eli's birthday. We went to Legoland. It ended up being a very cold and snowy/icy but the crowds were much fewer than normal for the time of year, so that was nice. 
Crown Center


Just look at those baby legs!
Haddie continues to be a mama's girl, but has had some moments of sharing herself with others. :) She really is so much squish and love. I captured a pretty great picture of her rolls on her legs and bottom, but for her sake it will not be posted online. I assume she won't appreciate that in a few years. She is starting to get better at independent play. She got a few baby dolls and a tea set for her birthday that she is enjoying playing with them and is pretty possessive if brothers try to play too. 
Christmas cuteness!
She says dada and mama a lot and when she sees her baby dolls she says "da". She says "uh-oh", claps and waves hi and bye.

Aunt Estey Joy and Haddie Joy on Christmas Eve
Height- 26.5inches (0 percentile)
Weight- 17lb 10oz (20th percentile)

Wichert Cousins in Christmas jammies! Pete, Eli, Micah and Haddie.
Eli and Micah at 1 year.
Mommy and Haddie on Christmas morning before church.

Wertenberger cousins in cute girly jammies. Ellie, Megan, Leah, Haddie and Tynlee.

Birthday girl!

Haddie did not care for her cupcake. She touched the frosting and then threw up. 


Eli is 5

On Eli's actual birthday at our house
Birthday party with the Wicherts
Party with the Wertenbergers

The boy who made me a mamma turned 5 yesterday and I have all the feels. I was caught thinking that he may be spending his birthday mostly in his kindergarten classroom next year and I almost started crying. I know he will be ready, but it is bittersweet. 

Lions are his favorite animal. This was taken at the Rolling Hills zoo a few weeks ago.

Eli is such a bright little guy. He asks questions that I don't even think to ask. I often say, ask your daddy when he gets home. Ha! On the way home from Wednesday night church last week, he and Brent had quite the theology discussion about how big God is. Brent told Eli that God was bigger than everything. So Eli said, "is God the biggest thing in Heaven?" To which Brent replied, "He's bigger than Heaven." Eli said "He can't be bigger than Heaven if He's in Heaven". I don't think Brent had a valid response to that except that we can't fully understand God and his qualities. We have conversations like this often. 

Playing Legos in the light of the Christmas tree.

Eli loves to build with Legos more than probably anything. He does pretty complicated builds completely by himself. He also enjoys putting puzzles together. Just recently he has started enjoying coloring and is quite the perfectionist. He always includes blue, his favorite color, green, Micah's favorite color, pink, Grace's favorite color, and red, Hayden's favorite color. He really is quite thoughtful to those that he knows well. He isn't the most outgoing to make new friends. He's completely content with the people he already knows. 

Jesus healed the 10 lepers, but only one returned to thank Him.

Eli loves laughing and silly things like America's Funniest Home Videos, but is very literal so he doesn't understand jokes very well, which is pretty funny. 

He likes to be prepped before doing new things. He negotiated singing 2/3 songs at the Christmas program. He knew the other song too. I forgot to tell him that they were also going to be singing on Sunday morning (in addition to the Sunday evening program). That didn't go so well and he ended up crying a lot before the performance and daddy had to go up with him. Preparation is key. Hopefully he'll get to be a little more comfortable as he prepares to go to kindergarten.

At Union Station for his birthday trip to KC. We went there to go to Lego Land.

He's a detailed story-teller. He will tell anyone who will listen very detailed facts of animals that he has been read to about, or from Wild Kratts. Or recount an event from his life. 

Santa in a box.
Height- 3ft 7 1/4in
Weight- 42.6lb 
He was around the 60-65th percentile in both.

Lego Land
Eli loves to ride his bike and run fast. He is very happy when he is doing these two things. He always wears his helmet when he is riding his bike. He is very safety conscience and a rule-follower. This is when he and his brother tend to get in to arguments when Micah isn't "following the rules" according to Eli. 

Sibling love
We love our 5 year old and the joy he brings to our family. 

Brothers and best friends


Haddie- 11 months

Our Haddie girl is 11 months old! She is a sweetie! She hasn't had too many traditional firsts this month. She has started pulling up some and continues to work on her crawling technique. She's been sick for what seems like quite a bit in this last month and even had a "shuttering" episode that she has mostly gotten over. She seems to be working on her top teeth, but nothing to show for it yet. She still isn't eating food. When I looked at the boys 11 month post, I noticed they were starting to be weaned or were completely weaned. Ugh, she's not even close. But that's okay. I guess she goes by her own timeline. :) 

 Eli and Micah at 11 months. 

Haddie went to her first state football game (Buhler Crusaders) and had her first Thanksgiving in Sabetha. She loves- baths, her lovie, mom, playing with her brothers, playing peek-a-boo, shaking her head "no", saying dada, sleeping, and sitting in her high chair.


Haddie- 10 months

Haddie continues to be such a sweetie. There isn't much to add to her firsts this month. She continues to try to get the crawling thing figured out. She more does a belly-flop/inch worm kind of thing. Her bottom two teeth are in plain view now. She likes to pull her socks off and chew on them. She continues to be a great sleeper. Still detests food. She loves her brothers and has started waving hi to people. She is starting to pull up a little. She loves her little blankie so much that the nursery ladies ask what it has on it. :) She loves to give smiles to her daddy. She is a true joy!  

First Halloween- Super Girl! (And daddy Batman)

Eli and Micah at 10 months.