"Haddie Talk" - 28 months

Our friend, Bethany, took these pictures of Haddie a few weeks ago. 
 Haddie has come a long way from when she had very few words and hadn't been eating food for long. She says some of the cutest things in the cutest ways and we just don't want to forget. 

For a long time, she always referred to herself in the first person. She is starting to use correct pronouns now, but it still occasionally makes an appearance. 

"Haddie do it." When she's being independent.

"And Haddie!!!" Usually involves patting her chest to make sure everyone knows she wants to be included in whatever is going down. 

By way of her brother, Micah, Haddie has managed to learn most of the new testament books of the Bible. Whenever we get to 1st and 2nd Peter she says "Peter's at Grandma's house"! 

Haddie is still pretty terrified of animals, but likes to pretend she likes them when she's standing inside our storm door.
"Mom, you see it? You see it? I see squirrel...o dhere." This usually includes a pointed finger right by her eye.  

Sometimes when telling an elaborate story she'll end it with "the udder day" (the other day) letting us know it was from awhile ago. :) 

At rest time Haddie likes to sing "Angels Sing" a Christmas song. I asked to sing something different because I'm tired of it. Haddie said "Please, mom. Pleeeeease. It's Haddie's favorite song!"

When I snuggle her when I lay her down for rest time she hugs me tight around the neck and says "that's my mommy". 

She can be heard saying "boys, stop it!"

"I need 'nother one lovie". (Means she needs both (2) of her lovies).


Lana Mae Wichert

The LORD your God is in your midst,
a mighty one who will save;
he will rejoice over you with gladness;
he will quiet you by his love;
he will exult over you with loud singing.
Zephaniah 3:17
Lana Mae Wichert 7lb 7oz, 20"
Our sweet Lana Mae is here! Lana is a name that Brent and I agreed on a few months ago and it stuck. We just liked it. I've had several people ask how to pronounce it- and I say exactly how it's spelled but I realize that's not so helpful. The easiest way is to say it rhymes with banana. :) Mae was my Grandma Flossie's middle name and there's a funny story behind it. Her legal middle name was spelled May, but after my Grandpa passed away she had their gravestone made up and spelled her middle name Mae. I think it is so fitting to her personality to do something like that in literal stone so it can't be changed. (If you're interested in more about my grandma, here is the tribute I wrote after she passed away). Our hope and prayer is Lana Mae will also grow to be a woman who doesn't always "fit the mold". That she will rise to what God has called her to do/be and do it confidently "in stone" without apology. 
Leaving for the hospital- bright and early.

She's here!

Daddy and his littlest girl. 

 Her birth story: We checked in at 6:45 Monday morning for a scheduled induction. The day before I had the stomach flu- it was awful and I was worried we wouldn't be able to go ahead with meeting Lana the next day but I stopped throwing up around noon on Sunday so felt good enough to go ahead. I knew from my previous birth experiences that I wanted my epidural as early as possible. So as soon as my water was broke and Pitocin started, they put that in. I'm not positive of the time, but I would guess around 9:45 once all that was done. The epidural worked on my left side only, but there wasn't any time to adjust that. I was complete and ready to push. My doctor came in and asked if I wanted to push. I did and one and a half pushes later Lana was here. After she was on me Brent said through nervous laughs "I don't think I was ready for that". 

Going home!


Micah is 4

Micah is always creating something- with Legos or magformers and he presents them as "I made this for you, and Eli, and Dad, and Haddie, and the new baby". 

Micah is 4 and I just can't believe it. He's such a Buster- fiercely independent but still very people-oriented. He is such a joy to have a part of our family. He is passionate, generous, funny, thoughtful, creative, a good friend, and a sweet boy. Whenever we go to the store while Eli is in school, he always requests we get him something for when he gets home. He talks about the "new baby" more than any of us. She is already very much a part of our family and he reminds us if she is left out. I still think he is a classic middle child even though he and Haddie will share that role soon. Because of this, he sometimes feels he isn't being heard/seen but the benefit of it is that he really notices others. He loves being in charge, so when given the right responsibility he is a great helper.

Ask for forgiveness, not so much permission. (because obviously we wouldn't understand the reasoning)

He is observant about his surroundings- however has a terrible sense of direction. While in the car, he always sees a cloud formation that looks like an animal or a tree that is the biggest ever, "except not bigger than God because he's the biggest". He talks a lot about the trinity, which leads to some complicated discussion. If we read a story about Jesus, he says things like that's God too and the Holy Spirit because they are the same. He asks questions like, "does God eat food?" To which I say, "I'm not sure, I don't think he'd need to but I'm sure he can." And then Micah will say "well, Jesus ate fish". To which I say, "yup". 

This is the cake I made for his party with the Wertenbergers. He picked it out from Pinterest and I told him I would do my best. The next morning, he took a look and said "but mom, you said you were going to do your best". He's a truth-teller, for sure! 

Wertenberger family party

Getting all ready for Wednesday night church- he loves to pick out his own clothes and do his hair.
Micah LOVES babies and so I can't wait to see him with his new baby sister. We have two close friends that are under a year old and after we are around them, when I ask him what his favorite thing of the day was it is always the babies. He loves to make them smile and give them hugs. He really is so sweet. 

Wichert family party

Micah uses his senses more than Eli and I feel more than most kids. He is always smelling things- and not always food items. He'll say things like, "this smells like TJ Maxx" or "it does not smell like a beautiful day today. It smells like the rainforest at the zoo." He also touches things at the store almost constantly (so much fun for mom). 

A piรฑata at Grandma and Grandpa Wicherts- inside because of the snow outside! 
4 Year Stats
Height 40.5" - 50th percentile
Weight #34.6 - 50th percentile
Birthday morning donuts! In the afternoon we went to the park with some friends (and mom forgot to take a single picture). After a  deep bath (his favorite) and supper with Dad, he opened his presents. 
Not a great photo, but he got a scooter and everyone was pretty excited. 


Haddie is 2

Photos by the lovely Sara McMillan of Sara McMillan Photography (Hutchinson, KS)

Haddie turned 2 on January 2nd. Since her last birthday, she has grown up considerably. She went from a baby who was very attached to momma, to a little toddler with lots of words and a mind of her own! In the last month or so, she's added "children, obey your parents" to her vocabulary which I think will make Jo, her speech therapist, happy to know there are four words all together. Haddie likes to make a very unsatisfied face when she is asked to obey and then told to go sit on the step when obedience is not chosen. But, she almost always comes out of time out ready to do as she is asked. She just needs to feel like she's in control, I'm afraid. When she is asked "why" to something, she responds "cuz" or sometimes just shrugs her shoulders.

Play time usually consists of babies, her favorite "How to Feed Your Cheeky Monkey" book, her new tea set, or a variety of toys from the boys room. She really likes to read and sing. Her favorite song is "The Angels Sing" which was the song her class did for the Christmas program at church. It really is adorable listening to her animal sounds and the little actions. When I play piano at church, she likes to sit on my lap at rehearsal and play along. (That's getting a little more difficult as baby sister is growing and mom's lap space is limited.)

Her brothers and dad are her favorite. When she wakes up in the morning she asks for Micah first, and then Eli usually followed by "school", and Daddy followed by "work". 

 I love the next photos. The boys were very comfortable from the get-go when we had pictures taken. Haddie took a little longer to warm up. But at the end, she knew what would get a laugh from her brothers. 

 Shortly after Haddie's birthday, she got her big girl mattress, so she's been sleeping on that for about a week. It is fun to watch her in the monitor and her new-found freedom. During nap time she likes to look at a few books and play with her babies before deciding to fall asleep. I don't mind, because she stays really quiet and so far has fallen asleep eventually. Before bed time, she listens to the Bible story with her brothers and then is the first to volunteer to pray. She starts "dear God, Eli, Micah, Daddy, Mommy, brothers, Micah, grandma, friends, church, Eli (at this point we either help out with names or encourage an amen) Amen". She is always willing to pray. I hope she always has that openness and willingness to talk to her Creator. 

This one is a perfect depiction of life right now. Eli blazing the way for Micah doing his best to keep up and Haddie tagging along discovering much of who she is through her brothers but certainly making her own way when she wants to. Won't be long now and there will be another tagging along behind Haddie.

Height: 31.5" (doesn't register on percentile) :) 
Weight: 24.6# (22nd percentile)


Eli is 6

Photos by the lovely Sara McMillan of Sara McMillan Photography (Hutchinson, KS)
When I think of the last year of Eli's life two words come to mind- brave and compassion. He has grown in these two areas noticeably and it excites me for his future. Since starting school in August, he has really become more adventurous and willing to try new things. He has been playing basketball and prior to this year, he hadn't really had any interest in the sport. I encouraged him to try it out (thinking it would be a safe year for his to try it and see if he liked it). After the first day, he ran to Brent and I and said with a lot of excitement, "wow, I am probably the worst dribbler on the team". And so he began practicing and the next week, I think we agree with him that he wasn't the worst dribbler. Whenever his team scores a basket, he has the cutest excited look on his face and gives a couple claps while he runs (with a few gallops and skips) back to touch the net and play defense. 

This one cracks me up. They were trying to give each other a hi-five and kept missing.

He also has grown in the area of compassion. I've noticed this area of growth since school in relation to his siblings. I don't know if it's because he's gone most of the day, but if they are hurt or struggling he really wants to help them and shows that he's sorry they are struggling. It is so sweet and warms my heart to see him love them so. He's a wonderful big brother.

Eli is a bright little guy and keeps me on my toes with his questions and inquiries. Math comes very easily to him and I love to see him work with numbers. Reading has come a little slower, but he's starting to show an interest in learning how to do it himself so that is exciting. He's still a perfectionist in his work- especially writing- so it can be frustrating for him at times if he doesn't know how to spell a word. Inventive spelling is not made for kids like Eli, but he'll get there. He's great at puzzles and building Lego creations.

The Holy Spirit has been working on Eli's heart and it is so beautiful to watch him wrestle and ask questions and really feel convictions. He's shared the Gospel beautifully  in his own way with a few of his friends at school.  He's also taken a liking to music and can be heard singing passionately at times. His favorite music is Rend Collective. When he sings "every giant will fall, every mountain will move, every chain of the past be broken in two, over fear over lies we're singing the truth, that nothing is impossible with You" with such gusto, I can't hold back the tears in my eyes. May that be the song of his heart he knows the truth of God's Word and the true relationship with the Holy Spirit because of the Son. Let it be, Lord. 

Height: 3' 11"
Weight: 49.6# 


Haddie- 18 months

Today Haddie is 19 months, so naturally I am getting around to posting this.๐Ÿ˜Š We sure love our baby cakes, HadJoy, sugar pie. ๐Ÿ’œ

It's been a big month for little miss. She is walking primarily and started doing that right at 18 months. She eats well now and really has no issues related to food- Praise God! She still receives services every other week, but we are mainly working on words and communication. She loves Jo (our therapist) and loves playing with her. Haddie has several words in her vocabulary and mom is working on not asking yes/no questions so she has to use them. 
I was trying to get her to smile and said "where are your buttons?" thinking the ones on her dress. She was thinking her belly button.
Haddie has really started "mothering" in the last month. She often is found carrying a baby or stuffed animal and pats or shushes it. It's the sweetest thing. 

She still has a wicked side-eye and isn't real fond of people unless mom isn't around. Even though she is pretty reserved, she has started giving hugs and kisses to people she loves and will play with others even if mom is in the room- just don't try to hold her too much.๐Ÿ˜‹
Side eye 
She likes clothes and shoes "shoooooz". She tolerates me doing her hair, but it's not her favorite part of the day. She's really come around to swimming and water this summer and likes to splash. And if daddy is on the floor, she likes to sit on him.

Her brothers still dote on her and love her dearly, but occasionally I've started hearing "mom, Haddie is trying to ruin.... or Haddie is being mean..." She says "eye-eeee" for Eli and we're still working on Micah. Their newest thing is if we're not in a hurry at a story, they like to each take a hand and walk with Haddie. It's slower than molasses, but it is precious.

Please Please, can we be done? 
She still is terrified of animals. She LOVES singing. She can carry a tune and since I'm her mom, I can tell she is trying to sing Old MacDonald and the ABCs. You can even make out a few letters. She also just sings to herself as she's playing. The boys never did any singing at this age that I recall. 
It's blurry, but I love her face!


Height - 29.5" below 5th percentile
Weight 20# 11oz below 5th percentile

Eli (and stats) and Micah at 18 months for those that are interested.