Micah- 11 months

What a busy month this boy and his family has had! Micah continues to be such a sweetheart. He loves his mommy and gives very sweet smiles to everyone. Can't believe we're a month away from our baby being 1! 

If you're into comparisons, here's Eli's 11 month post.

In the last month...

-Basketball, basketball and more basketball! I would guess he went to close to 15 games in one month. He is a trooper! (first sub-state and state tournaments) Grandma and Grandpa Wertenberger stayed at our house during state and both boys LOVED that! 

-Trip to Colorado with friends. I posted about this earlier, but he was a trooper for the trip and time there too. 

-Had RSV. He ran a fever for about a week and was pretty puny, but never really had too bad a cough or anything. 

-Is a big eater often out-eating his big brother at meal time. 

-Started drinking a little cows milk out of a sippy the night he turned 11 months. So far so good. 

-Had Sankie, Owen, and Jackson (and their parents) visit AND spend the night. So much fun! 

-Towards the end of the month, I started only nursing him first thing in the morning and last thing before bed. 

-Has started climbing stairs. He gets a very proud look on his face when he gets to step 3.

-He's done this for a few months, but will nod his head "yes" when he hears the word "yeah" and he thinks he's pretty funny.  

This is my ornery look. 
 Micah likes...Eli, Mommy, Daddy, food, drinking out of his sippy cup, snacking, being held, cruising around furniture, being sung to, laughing with his brother in the car, his Grandmas, Misty, observing, kisses (and will reciprocate with an open mouth). 
Milk...it does the body good. :)

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