Micah, Meet Your Family

Micah has met most of his family. Hopefully Uncle Jobi, Aunt Rachelle, Kyson and Tynlee will get to meet him soon! 

Grandma & Grandpa Wichert

Cousins Trey, Rhett & Leah

Aunt Erin

Uncle Ben

Misty & Grace


Great Grandma Willems

Great Grandpa Willems

Cousin Tyler

Micah's oldest cousin, Drew

Cousin Megan- she said he was like her baby doll. :)

Grandma & Grandpa Wertenberger

Mollie & Uncle Josh

Uncle Randy & Aunt Amy

Aunt Estey

Aunt Megan & Uncle Eric

Grandma Wichert really wanted a picture of Eli & Micah together. Eric used a little bribery of candy and it totally worked. :)


Almost Here

A few pictures from the lead up to baby time. The first picture is of me and Misty. She threw me a surprise baby shower. It was so much fun and just perfect. Then our Life Group threw a little shower for us too! A lady from our group made these amazing cupcakes that had cookie dough in the middle- they were amazing. 

This next picture is of Eli with his cousins Kyson & Tynlee. He stayed with them and Aunt Rachelle & Uncle Jobi while mom and dad went to the hospital and had Micah. He had such a good time and they were SO sweet to volunteer to do it. 

This final picture is my last picture of being pregnant with Micah. This was taken right before we left for the hospital and I am 39 weeks, 1 day. 


To say we were a little apprehensive about Eli being a big brother would be an understatement. Whenever we would talk about "baby brother" his immediate response was "no baby bruler". He didn't want to talk about it. Ever since Micah's been here, his interactions have been so sweet. Eli wants to hold him- only for a second but it's still a victory and he talks very sweetly to him. One funny thing Eli says a lot is "bay bruler, walk". He thinks he should be able to get up and walk! Eli likes to shush Micah and say "it's okay". 

When Eli first came home he opened his gift from Micah- some new trains. They were a huge hit!

Love this one!

On Easter Sunday with their Easter baskets. We even made it to church!

This is a common scene. Eli will go up to Micah and "shhhhhh" him or say "hi bay bruler".

"I hold bay bruler."


Micah Scott Wichert

Micah 6:8 "He has shown you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God." 

Our sweet sweet little boy is here! His name is Micah Scott. His first name is one we have liked for a long time (we knew what his name would be very early in our pregnancy). We pray that someday he will know just what it means to "act justly and love mercy and walk humbly with his God" as Micah 6:8 states. His middle name is the same as my brother Randy's middle name. We also hope he grows up to be a man of God like his Uncle Randy. Randy has a wonderful ability to laugh at himself and to selflessly serve those around him. Great qualities we hope Micah will take on too. 

Just a little guy! 6lbs 7oz 18.5inches.

We've had a few people ask us if Micah Scott is after Michael Scott (the character on The Office). Although this question is not crazy, The Office has easily been our favorite television show for years, the answer is no. We think it's kinda fun that they sound similar, but that's it. :) 

His birth story: 

We went in at 5:45 in the morning on Thursday, April 17. We got checked in and they started the folley bulb at around 7. This was to get my cervix ready. It worked and about 12 it came out (don't worry it was supposed to). Around 12:30 my doctor came in and broke my water and then we started the epidural. Things seemed to go pretty quickly after that. Here's where we thought Micah's birth story was going to end up being exactly like Eli's- ending in a cesarean section. With every contraction, Micah's heart rate would drop and the nurses would have to re-adjust my position, find his heart rate again and wait for another contraction. As contractions came faster, my nurses were earning their money flipping me from side to side, readjusting monitors, etc. It felt very similar to when we had Eli. Because I was doing a VBAC, my doctor was at the hospital during the whole active labor, so I knew she was watching monitors and was just outside my door and that eased my mind. About 2:40, she came in and said "wow, he has dropped a lot, are you ready to have this baby?" (I have to interject in here that at this point, I am convinced my epidural isn't working but I really don't know.) So the team gowned up and literally 6 pushes later, Micah was here! 

Big brother will get to meet Micah later today and we just can't wait to have our family all together again! God is SO good! 


Why Daddy fixes things...

A few days ago, Eli brought me this train and said "Oh no, I broke it. Daddy fix it?" To which I responded, "yes, daddy fix it". Then he kept asking about his train and really just wouldn't stop asking, so I said mommy would glue it back together but we would have to wait until tomorrow to play with it again so it could dry. He seemed satisfied by this response. So I took the grey piece (pictured on the back of the train) and glued it back on. 

The next day, all three of us were playing in the play room and I saw the train. I handed it to Eli and said, "your train is fixed". Daddy took one look at it and said, you know that piece is supposed to be on the front, right? We both got a good laugh out of it too. Not only was it glued on incorrectly, but I even made it so the magnet on the back (which pulls the train cars) couldn't be used. Duh, Cindy! 

So from now on, Daddy is our fix-it-man (a job I GLADLY relinquish). 


Happy birthday, Daddy!

Probably our last picture as a family of 3...well I guess you can see baby too. 
Dairy Queen birthday cake!!! Eli's excited! 

Eli's 27-month-talk

Eli is saying the cutest things lately, so I decided I needed to get them documented before I forget. This probably won't be that interesting to everyone, but I don't want to forget them! 

I so scary. (I don't think he really knows what this means but he usually runs to me and gives me a hug as he says it.)

I so ecsiked. (I so excited.)
One of Aunt Estey's friends got this bib for Eli. It says "My Aunt is HOT and single". :) 
Mommy, you ok? (If we're in different rooms and he hears a loud noise or something to concern him.)

Mommy, I need light on. (He'll stand at the doorway of whatever room he wants to go into until I turn the light on.)

Oh, yeah, ok! (When he really agrees with you.) 

Thank you, wakie or keekwie, Thomas, Percy, Mommy when it's really Daddy and vice versa, Bob, Wendy, Scrambler, James, and any other character from Thomas or Bob. (He does this when he's being silly and he thinks it is hilarious.)

He calls his trike a "motorcycle" and the space under the seat of the "motorcycle" is called a "pocket". 
Daddy and his boy at the zoo.
"Mommy, you hear it?" (Usually a train or when the heater kicks on or something like that.) 

"I fatch a Bob." (I watch a Bob- as in Bob the Builder.) 

"Mommy/Daddy, fatch this!" (Watch this!) 

"Mommy/Daddy, I see you!"

He's started using the words "too" and "again". 

"See you soon!"

"Goodmorning, sir." - no idea where this one came from...
Checking out the white tiger in his wagon.
"I want to go to zoop." (I want to go to the zoo).

"I so sad." (Usually when he is in time-out.) 

"Bye-bye. See you at lunch!" 

Not attractive but he was so snuggle-y we had to document it. 
 Eli can recognize most colors and has started identifying shapes. He is crazy good at remembering names of people. If we've gone to a friends house, he knows where to turn to get back. His memory really amazes us. He loves to read books and play with trains or cars and would probably choose to watch a Thomas or Bob the Builder over almost anything. Usually when we talk about his baby brother, Eli doesn't like it but recently sometimes he'll bring up "baby brother" so maybe we'll be okay. :) Sure do love our little 2 year old.