What We've Been Up To

The last few weeks in our household have been crazy. In the last 3-ish weeks we have moved to a new town and house (all while Brent and Eli had the stomach flu), started a new job (Brent), closed up Wichert Optometry in Wichita, moved Wichert Optometry stuff to our basement, unpacked, and everything that goes along with all of these things. 

So it's been pretty crazy around here. Crazy in the busy kind of way. Brent has the day off tomorrow and I am SO EXCITED to have a day to do whatever we want (or do nothing at all). 

We love our new house and are starting to get acquainted with the town. Brent is working in Junction City and Manhattan until mid-April when he starts in Salina. I'm ready for mid-April, but we're both so thankful for Brent to have a steady income working for a wonderful group. 

We closed up Wichert Optometry last Saturday. Found the patient charts a new home. Now we are trying to sell equipment and furniture from the office. Anyone need an office chair? We have 4. I thought it would be bitter-sweet closing up shop there, but it was pretty much just sweet. Such a weight has been lifted. We are thankful for the time God had us there- we learned a lot- but are now glad not to have to worry about it. 

Now we're getting things finalized with the business, getting things started here (bank, doctors, church hunting, etc), and adjusting to a new life in Salina. 

Here are some pictures of a few of the things Eli loves about our new house. 

Watching the Jayhawks in his play room. 

Playing in his playroom.

Taking a ride in his wagon...with his Chiefs hat on. Go Chiefs! 

Walking, crawling, and playing in the grass. Check out his new shades! 

Trying to run in the grass.