Oh Boy!

Baby boy Wichert at almost 20 weeks. The picture is a profile picture of his whole body. 

The Wichert's found out on Wednesday that baby Wichert is indeed a boy. We were both so happy and excited! It is so nice to know this little life coming together is a boy. It gives him an identity beyond "baby". Truth be known, we really wanted a boy first. Sometimes God gives us what we want! My due date is December 16th.

A picture of me- 20 weeks pregnant. For those of you who don't know what that means- it means I'm half way there!
Blogging- well this is the beginning of my blog experience. I have always enjoyed looking at other peoples blogs while thinking that someday I would join them. Since we have recently moved away from dear friends, and have started the experience of "parenthood" I thought it would be a good place to jump off from. I hope to be able to share about our life and of course baby pictures and experiences. Hopefully this will keep me from bombarding facebook with pictures in the months to come while we prepare for baby boy. I don't want to be "that facebook person" that posts any and everything on their mind. So I will spare those people who really don't care, and for those of you who do, hopefully the blog will keep you up-to-date.