A lesson from...Kathie Lee Gifford?

Let me explain.

Yesterday I was watching the Today show with Kathie Lee and Hoda. They had two guest "experts" talking with them on ways to avoid stress and feeling blue (or something like this). To be quite honest, I wasn't paying that much attention. They went through the typical list (as I recall) don't drink too much caffeine, exercise, eat right, etc. Then Kathie Lee said something along the lines of... "Prayer is a powerful weapon when I am feeling that way. You know I say to myself, 'This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.' and that really helps me." [To the unfortunate English teacher that may be reading this I apologize for my punctuation errors.]

Like I said I was not paying close attention to this segment, but I heard that last part. The guest "experts" kind of stammered because Kathie Lee's statement was obviously not scripted. They replied with something lame like "yes, that can work or maybe meditation for some". 

Kathie Lee, thank you for that unexpected reminder. 

So today even though my little guy has been fussy, not had a good nap, pooped all over his clothes...again, etc, I am choosing to rejoice and be glad in the day God has given us. I rejoice to the Lord that Eli isn't sick right now. I rejoice to the Lord that He has entrusted me with Eli's life and has equipped me to be his mommy. I rejoice that even when I fail God is faithful to lift me back up. I am glad Eli isn't constipated. I am glad that my husband comes home every evening and helps me and assures me that I am doing a good job. I am glad that Eli smiles at me all the time. I am rejoicing that God allowed us to bear this child. 

This is just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to all that I can rejoice and be glad to the Lord for. 

Thanks Kathie Lee.

And because Eli makes me smile all the time- here's a couple pictures to make you smile too.

We were uncharacteristically ready for church 20 minutes early so that meant we had time for pictures.

Daddy needed a picture too!

Eli sitting up like a big boy!


5 Months

Our baby is 5 months old. This last month has gone the fastest of all of them. About a week ago someone asked Brent how old Eli was. He said "about 5 months". I laughed to myself thinking- he doesn't even know how old his son is...but turns out he does. I checked the calendar and realized that I was the one that didn't know. We love Eli SO much and are so blessed that God has entrusted us with his life. 

In the last month Eli...

-started rice cereal. He eats it around supper time. I decided to start him on this because he was waking up randomly at 2 am so he probably needed the filler. 

-wore only disposable diapers- no cloth this month. I know I know, but I have good reason. The bump on his bottom has returned and so I have just decided we're doing disposable until it is completely gone and until he is completely off antibiotics. 

-can sit up...kinda. Eli can sit up when someone is close (like really close) by to catch him as he loses it. 

-started to laugh. He does it mostly when he is tickled, but he also laughs at us when we try to get him to say "dada" and "mama"- he thinks it's the funniest thing!

-has gone to his first track meet. Uncle Josh's team was in Newton so we went to the meet. It was really windy, but he liked it.

-went to his first wedding- He was really quiet and good until he pooped all over his outfit and some on mommy! We had to take him out as discretely as possible- luckily we were in the back.

-went on two out of state trips. One to Nebraska for a good friend's bridal shower (Bethany) and to Tahlequah to visit our Oklahoma family.

-usually wakes up once a night- around 4 or 5- eats and then sleeps another 3 hours.

-went to daddy's softball game and proceeded to throw up! It was horrible. He threw up 5 times in an hour and of course mom was kind of freaking out! She called the nurse and she said it was just a little virus that should be done within 12 hours. He was done throwing up after that horrible hour and slept normally through the night. Thankfully!