Family Fun Weekend

This past weekend, the Wertenbergers got together for a celebration weekend. Mom & Dad celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary June 1st, Mom will celebrate her 60th on July 6th, and Randy's 36th birthday was on Saturday so we celebrated that too. It was such a wonderful weekend and I am so glad that everyone could be there. Prepare to be photo bombed...

Recreation time with Grandma

My boys- hubby was pretty excited about Randy's garage sale find (Cowboys jersey)

Brother Ben and nephew Trey

Amy & Megan

Tynlee & Rachelle

Jobi & Tynlee

Trey & Eli

The big reveal involved some old fire works...

Going to open their present

We got them a paddle boat to celebrate ... them! 

Grandpa & Eli

Randy, Amy, Megan & Kyson

Brother Jobi


Eli & Tynlee (he calls her Lee)


Me with the 2 "babies"

Megan, Leah & Kyson

No celebration is complete without cake and ice cream! 

The 5 of us

Family trip around the pond

Adventure to the creek- Grandma, Kyson, Drew & Tyler

Heading back from the creek

Eli & Grandpa

His first time playing in a mud puddle


18 Months

Eli is a year and a half old today. Brent and I were just reminiscing how tiny he was when we brought him home. We felt bad putting him in his bed because it just looked too big for him. Now when we go in to look at him before we go to bed, he looks huge! God has blessed us to have him in our lives for 18 months. 

-Eli's vocabulary is probably the most significant change he's had in the last few months. He has added several words to his vocabulary but also seems to understand many more words/phrases every day. Here are the words he can say: book (boooo), night-night, cracker (caa-caa), milk (mee-mee), moma (rarely says it, but he can), daddy (he perches his lips out like a little bird when he says this), pa pa, shoes, hot, kitty, car, truck, Josh, eye, ut-oh, go, Grace (gray), and "me like pie" -  Brent's mom made pie for us the last time we were there and Grandpa asked Eli if he liked pie and just as clear as day Eli responded "me like pie" and said it several times. We're starting to work on animal sounds. :) 

-Eli has really started to notice animals and LOVES them. When we're playing outside he notices the birds and usually laughs with delight when he sees them. He likes dogs, kitties and other animals too. 

-He's started to "run"- I'm still hoping he'll take after his daddy and be a decent runner. 

-Eli "jumps" but can't see much daylight underneath those little feet.

-Still a picky eater- rarely will he eat meat.

-Loves playing outside on his new (to us) slide and pool. He really likes to splash in the pool. When he finds a pile of little rocks he'll play with them for a long time. I think he'd like a sand box. 

-Probably the most notable thing that's happened is that Eli no longer uses his paci. We just decided since he can't say paci yet and he has all his teeth that it was time. It was rough for a few nights because I could tell he really wanted his paci, but we have endured (all of us). :) 

-Likes to dance when he hears music. 

-Likes to imitate whatever mom and dad are doing. I was patching holes in the walls and once I was done, Eli picked up the putty knife and started scraping it on the walls like I was. 

-Likes to play and watch basketball. 

This is the life!

Hi Mom!

Going down the new slide!


I'm 1 1/2 today! 

Happy boy!