Micah - 1 year!

My baby turned 1 year old yesterday. Part of me can't believe it's been a year and a much smaller part of me feels like it's been much longer. I feel like this year has been the busiest of my life, but in a good way. I love being a mom to 2 sweet boys. I can't imagine life without them. I am fighting the urge to feel sad that this last year of Micah has passed. But then I am reminded to some very dear friends that have not been given the privilege of having any days with their sweet baby girl (at least not until Heaven). And I just can't let myself be sad at all. I am thankful. Thankful that for now God has allowed me to hold my sweet baby boy, give him kisses, and listen to him cry when I walk out of the room. I will cherish each moment. He isn't mine, but God Almighty's. 

Hard to get a decent pic of this little mover. This one is off-centered, but I still love it!
We haven't had many traditional firsts in the last month. But here is what Micah has been up to. 

-Says "uh oh" a lot and this is his only word.


-Still mainly crawls but is cruising everywhere he can hold on to something. 

Brother came in to assist with the pictures. :)

-Gives mom open-mouthed kisses when I say "kisses?". It really is so sweet. 

-He'll wave bye-bye.

-He and Eli will make "kiss sounds" to each other in the car and then laugh really hard. It is the cutest. 

-Attended his first MCC sale (on his birthday). 

Micah's first taste of verenika and he LOVED it! A true Mennonite. :)

Micah loves...

Laughing with Eli, climbing the stairs and then having mom come and snatch him off of them, taking clean laundry out of the basket and putting it on the floor, standing by the sliding glass window and looking outside, putting a ball on his head in the car (he's quite the comedian), making this weird breathing sound where he says "oooh" while breathing out and then a weird inhale thing he always smiles while he's doing it, drinking out of his sippy cup, throwing his food on to the floor from his high chair (naughty)
This was Micah's cake he had at Grandma and Grandpa Wertenberger's house last weekend. He loved it too. :)

Micah doesn't love...

When mom leaves the room (like boo-hoo thinks I'm gone forever cry), and when dad leaves for work (he'll stand at the door and cry and cry).

He really is such a sweet boy. He always gets the sweetest reports from the ladies that watch him at church and from friends. He's a little charmer and we love him to pieces!

Happy 1st birthday, Micah! 

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