Micah- 10 months

This little guy is 10 months and I just about can't believe it! He is SUCH a sweet boy- and I'm not the only one that things so. :) It's a lot more difficult to get a descent picture of him. Here's Eli's 10 months pics if you're interested in comparing. 

In the last month, Micah...

-has started eating mostly table food and often out-eats his big brother. He doesn't care for baby food (he never really did) and has started turning his nose up to puffs. 

-is a good sleeper at night and generally takes 2 naps a day. 

-went to his first Tabor basketball game. He seemed to really like it.

-had his first Valentine's day with our friends Cody, Misty and Grace.

-has 2 baby cousins younger than him- Ellie and Lane! 

-had his baby dedication.

-is cruising the furniture more. He'll also push chairs around the dining room (while walking). 

-has all 4 of his top teeth! 

Likes: music (he always dances), clapping for music, climbing on dad, laughing with Eli, eating, screaming if the food ran out, being sung to, bath time, giving smiles and general sweetness. :)

And for your viewing pleasure...

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