1 YEAR!!!

Yesterday my baby turned one. I can't hardly believe that he has been with us for a whole year. We love him so much. We especially love his smiles, laughs, and cuddles. 

In the last month...

-Eli celebrated his first Thanksgiving (with the Willems family, Wichert family, and Wertenberger family).

-Started waving bye-bye and hi! 

-Says ma-ma...FINALLY! :) It is like music to his mommy's ears. 

-Started clapping- the first time you did it was at Uncle Ben's basketball game. Go lady broncos!

-Took 1 step- only one and only 2 times total...but we're getting there. 

-One day Eli was saying "mmmm" for more craisins but hasn't repeated this.

-Had cousins Drew, Tyler and Megan over for a slumber party.

-Last bottle and started drinking whole milk out of a straw sippy.

-First haircut- daddy distracted you while mommy cut it.

-First eye exam- compliments of daddy.

-First BIRTHDAY!!!

Eli loves: straw sippy cup, bathtime, walking behind his walker, having mommy hold him while she's trying to cook, bouncing the racket ball, eating- especially anything sweet ie fruit, cereal bars, multi-grain cheerios, eating table food- he's not a fan of baby food anymore, playing chase with mom, when daddy throws him in the air, playing peek-a-boo, he doesn't like when daddy leaves for work and cries, music, certain songs from the t.v. (a new puzzle sound on Wheel of Fortune, National American University commercial, and the weather sound on KWCH), does not want to practice walking while holding mommy or daddy's hands, making a strained noise/face when he wants to be picked up, when he is smiling on purpose he scrunches up his nose, still does his fake cough, "so big" and kisses are less now but he will still do them, he loves to be in the bathroom when mom or dad are otherwise occupied, mommy calls him little bear and daddy calls him bubby, and he now loves cupcakes!

We love you, Eli.

So the chalk board didn't work so well this time...

Happy boy!

It snowed on my birthday!

Drinking milk in my straw sippy like a big boy!

We had a small party after Brent's basketball game. Brent's parents, Cody, Misty, and Grace, and my parents skyped in.

Sweet tooth...he ate the whole thing!

He even licked his fingers.

Then washed it down with some milk.

Not our best picture, but I wanted one with my boy on his birthday. :)

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