Family Vacation to Florida

Our family went on our first family-of-five vacation to Santa Rosa, FL. It was wonderfully relaxing and beautiful. We all enjoyed the white sand, clear water, and time catching up with dear friends. Aunt Estey- Brent's sister- came with us and braved the looooong car trip with 3 kiddos. We met our friends (the Lynches and Packs) from our pre-kid years in Tahlequah and shared a house with everyone. The house was a block from the beach and the picture above. So perfect for our young family. 

And we're off to pick up Aunt Estey! 

This is the look Haddie had for us most of the way down. "For real, we're not there yet?"

Eli colored the states as we drove in them.

Brent with Micah and Haddie

Cassy and Audrey

Me and my boys

Family photo- Haddie was scared of the waves at first...

...but she liked the sand!

Sunset- Sankie with his boys

Aunt Estey would make a pile of sand and Haddie would smash it. 

Storm was rolling in

Playing Settlers during the rain

Daddy with his girl. 


Micah, Naomi, Eli, Sankie, Owen, Jackson, & Nora @ Bayou Bills

Brent, Jamie, Sankie, Matt, Naomi, Audrey, Cassy, Estey, and Haddie @ Bayou Bills

Brent and Haddie- had to capture her cute outfit! 

Micah hung with the big boys and it wore him out. 

Aunt Estey and Haddie

Nora, Estey, Cassy, Jackson, Audrey, Naomi, and Micah

Sankie, Eli, and Naomi

The Kansas Crew 

Haddie may have face-planted. Poor baby.

Audrey, Naomi, Sankie, Jackson, Eli, Haddie, Micah, & Owen
(Just missing Nora because she wasn't too happy...but...)

Matt brought her out on the balcony to take a photo- she wasn't very appreciative but it is documented. 

Haddie did much better on the way home than on the way down.

We went to Laurel, MS on the way home to visit the Lauren Mercantile Co. (From the HGTV show Home Town)

The boys made themselves right at home. 

The way home...his patience had obviously waned a bit. :) 

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